UbuCon Asia 2023 - Looking for interested local team


This year’s UbuCon Asia work is still ongoing for now, (I expect accounting will be closed right before this year ends anyway) But while me and Korean LoCo are working with post UbuCon stuff. Let’s get started with discussing the next city to host UbuCon Asia 2023.

We start that with “Call for interests” to just look for if there is any local community or team interested in hosting the event.

To register your team to call for interests, Simply reply to this topic with your team information that includes followings:

  • Name of your team
  • Brief team description
  • The city you would like to host UbuCon Asia
  • Event dates you’re considering
  • Team member information:

Call for interests can be submitted from 2022-12-18T15:00:00Z and the deadline is 2023-01-13T14:59:00Z (Update: deadline extended by 2023-01-14T01:00:00Z)

Once you submitted call for interests, You will be able to apply for call for hosts which will be opened 2022-12-25T15:00:00Z. The guideline document is still draft but almost ready to publish. You may have a look to prepare better.

All the best and happy season’s greetings!


I am working with my local team in Nepal working in Ubuntu and FOSS and the Open Source community, we are excited to host the event next year in Nepal for 2023.


Hi @axon-rb :slight_smile: Thank you for your interests! Please provide following details of your team to register it call for interests. Once you registered your team, you can prepare proposal for call for hosts which will be opened today.

Sure. I will work on documenting all that

Deadline has been extended until 2023-01-14T01:00:00Z

Name of your team: UbuCon event team Indonesia
Brief team description: We are a team that also created Gnome Asia 3 years ago. This year we want to create another big event with additional team members.
The city you would like to host UbuCon Asia: Surakarta or Malang (will decide with availability soon)
Event dates you’re considering: 14-15 October or 4-5 November
Team member information:

  1. Yudhi Satrio
    isatrio.is.me [at] gmail [dot] com
    launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~isatrio
  2. Jordan Maulana
    jordanmaulana26 [at] gmail [dot] com
    launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~jordanmaulana
  3. Andik Nur Achmad
    andik.achmad [at] gmail [dot] com
    launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~anachmad

Looks good :slight_smile: But seems like all 3 folks not signed Ubuntu CoC on launchpad. You can sinply click to sign(affirm) and agree to Ubuntu CoC.

Visit this link for instructions: https://ubuntu.com/blog/the-new-ubuntu-membership-process

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We have a team of community members from Foss Nepal, Ubunutu DDE, Postgres and Nepal EHR coming together to host the conf and details are in the document:
Launchpad Profile of the community members:
Ravi Bhattarai launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~axon-rb
Sanjaya Poudel launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~sanjaypoudel
Pragya Joshi launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~pragya14
Rohit Man Amatya launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~rhoit
Jikesh Thapa launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~gkeshthapa
Garima Sharma launchpad [dot] net [slash] ~garimaa
Arun Pariyar launchpad [dot] net [slash]~openarun

We plan to host the event on 15-17 September 2023 along with Software freedom day in a beautiful city of Lalitpur, Nepal.



Thanks, but the launchpad profile link for each members are missing :slight_smile:

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i cam updating, i ping members to update me


Launchpad Profile of the community members:
Ravi Bhattarai
Sanjaya Poudel
Pragya Joshi
Rohit Man Amatya
Jikesh Thapa
Garima Sharma
Arun Pariyar

https://launchpad.net/~sanjaypoudel shows 404. Check please :slight_smile:
And… Seems like you haven’t signed CoC yet.

@sukso96100 can you check once I have updated now.

@sanjaypoudel It still shows 404. Btw, Is the URL correct?


@axon-rb You, Rhoit, Garima, and Arun not signed(or affirmed) to Ubuntu CoC on launchpad.net yet.
@isatrio All 3 folks (including you) of your team also not signed(or affirmed) yet.

SIgning(or affirming) Ubuntu CoC is an requirement to register your team. Please go to this page, And complete the task soon. It can be done only with few clicks.

Apologies for the confusion here is the working profile https://launchpad.net/~psunjay


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