UbuCon Asia 2022 - report

UbuCon Asia 2022 took place in Seoul, South Korea from November 26th-27th 2022.

The UbuCon Asia and Ubuntu Korea LoCo organizers did a phenomenal job creating this event. The venue and hotel were great, live translations and workshops were offered, online resources and outreach were excellent, and their conference dinner, swag, and tourism day were well done. When I had an issue getting my boarding pass at the airport, Youngbin was assisting me at 3AM KST. I cannot speak well enough of the UbuCon Asia organizers.

An album of photos from the conference and other actives is here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HDdp893Jra25bVQ77

Videos from the event are on: https://www.youtube.com/@UbuConAsia

Slides for my keynote “Improving FOSS Security” have speaker notes in this link.

If I were to only highlight three talks, I recommend everyone watch:

Ravi Bhattarai’s “Laptop-2-Library Using Low End Old Laptop as Digital Library in Remote Villages in Nepal Using Base Ubuntu”: which is about repurposing discarded laptops to serve as libraries for text, audio, video on demand, and more in areas where internet connectivity is limited. A critical factor in making this project successful is training teachers to use these laptops. Ravi is a passionate speaker and I hope he gives more talks at Ubuntu events.

Rudra Saraswat’s “Contributing to Unity7 development”: Rudra’s talk became the top trend on r/linux https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/z5qawb/13yrold_rudra_saraswat_demoing_his_work_reviving/

Juhee Kang’s “Breaking Down the Entry Barriers on Linux Kernel Networking Stack”: this talk demonstrated how to make upstream kernel contributions by using her network patches as an example. Juhee deftly balances a broad overview with technical details. I will be going back to this talk to review the kernel contribution workflow.