UbuCon Asia 2022 Post event report

Hello! Just like last year, We just published post event report on UbuCon Asia 2022.
It includes most of details on how we organized the 2022 event - From venue, marketing, budget, social events and more.

For past 5 years, Me and Korean LoCo folks have been putting many efforts to get engaged with other Ubuntu LoCos around Asia and to eventually make the first UbuCon Asia happen in 2021, and the first in-person event in 2022. Without help from the community, It would be difficult to make this big achievement. - So, Thank you everyone who supported us to make things forward :slight_smile:

The report is available on 2022 website. If you’re interested, please have a look. The report is also available in PDF.


Bravo! Hopefully see you in Nepal or Indonesia this year…

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