UbuCon Asia 2022 - Meeting notes thread

Local team meeting | Aug 27 4:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording: https://youtu.be/vWZ9Nl5p_xI



Action items from last meeting

Travel sponsorship application form

Since @jmkim is quite busy with other tasks, and he is also sick from COVID-19, @sukso96100 wrote the form instead. The form includes following entries.

  • Email, Legal names, participation types
  • Contribution on UbuCon Asia(for speakers and organizers), Contribution for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Community(for other participants)
  • Round trip ticket details
    • transportation type (flights, train, ferry, express bus)
    • Travel schedule (when to arrive and leave Seoul)
    • Estimated expenses
    • Level of need for round trip ticket sponsorship
  • Accomodation details
    • Hotels by organizing team
      • Check-in/out schedule
      • Level of need for accomodation sponsorship
    • Accomodation booked by applicant first, reimbursed after the event
      • Check-in/out schedule
      • Estimated expenses
      • Level of need for accomodation sponsorship

Conference Dinner

@jmkim researched on conference dinner venue and budget and shared before the meeting. We discussed which one to choose, But was unable to choose one.

  • We wanted a place that can handle about 100 people and near from the venue. So that organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees can easily join and socialize together.
  • Near from the venue: Can only handle upto 60~70 people. Rooms for 100+ people are already booked by other team
  • A bit far from venue: Can handle more then 100+ people. But budget really hikes! We need to pay 2x~3x more and also need to rent 3 buses.
  • As we need to fix our budget plan and open call for sponsors on monday anyway. We put budget for dinner based on estimation for “A bit far from venue” - which is about 11,920 USD

Day trip

@jmkim contacted travel agency for quotation. - no response yet, expected to got response next wednsday.

Budge for simultaneous interpretation

Since we got quotations from both Junhyeon Bae and @jmkim. We compared estimated expenses. @jmkim’s quotation was a lot cheaper, So we decided interpretation company where @jmkim contacted before.

Summarized event brochure

@jmkim is still working on it.

New Sponsor booth details and quotations.

Junhyeon Bae brought new sponsor booth details, but could not got the exact quotations yet. The booth company installation that Junhyeon Bae contacted said it’s difficult for them to bring quotation for only 3 booths. Junhyeon now plan to reach out other companies for quotations.

These are booth design for Diamond and Gold so far.



For silver sponsors, we plan to setup booth with roll-up(or big-pole) banners as back with 1.5m wide table on the venue.

Poster printout quotations

If we use the company called “Red Printing” and print out 100 papers, It requires 22,110 KRW (approx 17 USD)

Feedbacks and concerns on travel sponsorship

  • What should we do if the selected applicant doesn’t have enough money to book flights and the ticket price is more then 1000 USD?
    • We choose to ask applicants to ask buy ticket with their money first then provide reimbursement, Because if we book ticket from our side through travel agency, from tickets for visiting Korea is expensive because they use overseas travel agencies to book tickets and that doubles or triples the fees.
    • One idea: If the applicant has some money to pay for remaining amount with 1000 USD deducted, We may ask applicant to pay for remaining amount to our fiscal host and ask fiscal host to book tickets.

Website updates

  • On the travel sponsorship page - We should also add information on Ubuntu donation funding and other fund information. Because we can’t provide sponsorship for all participants
  • We also plan to accept individual donation with github sponsors not just with donation tickets. This information will be added on individual patron page.


  • For normal attendees - Necklace wallet with nametag, Neck warmer - need quotation
  • For organizer, speakers, and patrons - Necklace wallet with nametag, and hoodies. - We got quotation for hoodies thankd to Minseong Cho

Wired network installation.

The venue only provides 100mpbs network. which is not really suitable for live streaming and video calls for BoF sessions. Minseong Cho brought some quotation for network installation.
The Business network installation requires quite high fee, since we need installation for only 2 rooms (Intl room and BoF room) we choose home or small business network installation with 1Gbps. and the estimated budget for that is about 150,000 KRW

Action items

  • Junhyeon to bring exact booth quotation asap.
  • @jmkim to bring day trip quotation
  • @jmkim @sukso96100 to bring conference dinner quotation
  • Minseong to contact Stomp! a live streaming provider wheather they can also provide network installation
  • @sukso96100 to bring quotation for some swags
  • @sukso96100 to contact GNOME.Asia 2013 team and UbuCon EU team for Conference Dinner and Day trip reference.
  • @sukso96100 and Giyeon to revisit the venue, get exact size for large banner and contact banner provider for quotations.
  • Junhyeon to contact our fiscal host to ask what kind of information should we got from sponsors to proceed with sponsorship contract and payment
  • Junhyeon to contact community partners for power strip rental
  • Junhyeon to contact fiscal host to ask about booking flights
  • @sukso96100 to make list of Universities and organization to send printout posters
  • All - review travel sponsorship form by Monday.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be on Sep 10 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9

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Global team meeting | Aug 27 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

Video recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqAsQ9YperA



Action items from last meeting

  • All - Spread CFP on local community - in progress
  • @sukso96100, @jmkim, @masafumiohta, Ravi, @robbinespu - Contact universitires for CFP promos
    • @sukso96100 didn’t contacted yet due to other tasks.
    • Ravi: sent invitation to four college representatives and one university
    • @robbinespu: Blasting email, reaching some FOSS and security community on others platform and face-to-face invitation from JomWeb Johor Meetup Vol-1.
    • @masafumiohta encouraged some university students he know to submit some proposals.
  • Travel sponsorship form: @sukso96100 created one.
  • @sukso96100 Visa letter research - Contacted Korean embassy in India, Indonesia, Nepal and Japan.
    • India - Asked us for place of issue on passport - so could not make progress
    • Indonesia - Invitation letter with invitee information and purpose are enough. Squared stampe of organization(without legal personality) on letter also works. printed copy also works.
    • Nepal - Invitation letter requires organizing team to gurantee that invitee will visit and go back home on time. Squared stamp of Ubuntu Koera not works. Representative’s autograph works but needs notorization.
    • Japan: Similar to Indonesia. But they require “original” invitation. Not sure if this means that we need to send paper to Japan physically, will need to contact them again later.

Travel sponsorship: Program and application form feedbacks

  • @masafumiohta’s feedback: There are KRW entry alongside USD entry for entering estimated amount. This need some description since people might confused which one should they enter.
    • @sukso96100 answered They are already some description, But it might be not clear enough.
    • @masafumiohta suggests to put (For Korean), (For Foreigner) on the entry title to reduce confusion. @sukso96100 accepts the feedbacks.
  • @fenris raises some concerns about the flight sponsorship.
    • Some of the choosen speaker/paper will have issue to upfront the amount of ~1000USD: This might impact the schedule/event
    • @sukso96100’s idea: If the applicant has some money to pay for remaining amount with 1000 USD deducted, We may ask applicant to pay for remaining amount to our fiscal host and ask fiscal host to book tickets.
    • We don’t need make decision right now, but this needs some further discussion

Sponsorship program

The sponsorship program and its prospectus is almost ready. Call for sponsors will open monday.

Conference dinner

  • We wanted a place that can handle about 100 people and near from the venue. So that organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees can easily join and socialize together.
  • Near from the venue: Can only handle upto 60~70 people. Rooms for 100+ people are already booked by other team
  • A bit far from venue: Can handle more then 100+ people. But budget really hikes! We need to pay 2x~3x more and also need to rent 3 buses.
  • As we need to fix our budget plan and open call for sponsors on monday anyway. We put budget for dinner based on estimation for “A bit far from venue” - which is about 11,920 USD
  • @masafumiohta says: Many of such Dinner events are separated - Speaker and Attendees but I guess it is not good to be separated to network each other, but budgets kill us - it makes us annoyed.
  • Will discuss with @jmkim later on details and budget

Online speakers and participants

  • @masafumiohta say we need guidelines for online speakers. such as session video recording guidelines, scheudle, etc.
  • For online participants
    • They will be able to participate Talks sessions and BoF - Workshop won’t be able to participate online. Perhaps provideing workshop material on website might be possible.
    • Talks will be streamed on YouTube and Jitsi video call room will be provided for BoF
    • Online participation will be free and no registratoin required.

Action items

  • All: Promote CFP!
  • @masafumiohta to write draft on online speaker guidelines
  • @sukso96100 and Giyeon to finalize budget plan

Next meeting

Sep 10 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

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Local team meeting | Sep 10 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording: https://youtu.be/bdUg-fg3K0Y

Not much people present since it’s Mid-autumn (or Chuseok) in Korea


Action items from last meeting

  • Sponsor booth quotation / Junhyeon not present on meeting today.
  • Conference Dinner quotation / @jmkim not present on meeting today.
  • Network installation quotation / Minseong Cho
    • External network line can be plugged in on IDF room. This allows us to setup high speed network on venue using without installing additional network equipment. We just pay for network fee and network line installation/uninstallation fee between IDF room and ISP. - So not much changes on network quotations.
    • We can use home network plan for intl room since we use only network for streaming there, But BoF would need business plan since many people can use the network on same time.
  • Neck warmer, Necklate wallet / @sukso96100
    • Necklate wallet: Total 1,600,000 KRW for 360 pcs
    • Neck warmer: Total 400,000 KRW for 220 pcs
  • Contact GNOME.Asia 2013 team for reference / @sukso96100
    • Reference was not much helpful - Should wait for @jmkim’s report, That would be better
  • Contact UbuCon EU team for group tour reference / @sukso96100 - forgot to contact
  • Banner quotation updates / No updates yet
  • Re visit venue to check audio equipments / Canceled due to @sukso96100 test COVID-19 positive and typhoon issues.
  • Power strips supply / Junhyeon not present on meeting today.
  • Speaker flights booking inquery to fiscal host / Junhyeon not present on meeting today.
  • Review travel sponsorship form / Done
  • Make list of Universitires where we will send posters / Canceled, Replace with reaching out for promotion request

CFP status and promotion

  • 27 proposals submitted so far
  • Unfortunately, 20+ proposals are spam or simply not suitable for our event.
    • For example: Topics like “What’s Security?”, “What’s Social Engineering?”, “Become a digital nomad without losing your job!” -> Way too broad, or not suitable for our event.
  • We don’t have enough workshop proposals - Talk can be covered by organizers anyway, But since workshop requires a lot of preparation. It will be difficult to make a backup.
  • Most proposals are English - We also need Korean proposals. Since it’s a event in Korea
  • We expect most people will submit proposal on last day, But for in case, We’ll need to contact some people we know and ask for proposals.
  • If we don’t have enough proposals on last day, We will extend CFP period for 2 weeks. (Will be decided at night of last day)

Sponsor gathering status

  • Contacted 26 companies so far.
  • 2 companies rejected
  • 2 companies accepted(Both silver sponsor), Will sign on contract next week.
  • 22 companies no response yet.
  • @sukso96100 shares sponsor proposition email template for other organizers convenience when contacting companies to ask for sponsorships.

Next meeting

Sep 13 08:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM to check CFP status and talk about other agendas not discussed today.

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Global team meeting | Sep 10 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

Video recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2-QJX2ElJU

Not much people present since it’s Mid-autumn in many Asian regions


Check action items from last meeting

  • @masafumiohta to write draft on online speaker guidelines
    • Done.
    • Sessions in not English or Korean - Expect speaker to bring their own solution
      • Speaker to bring Machine interpretation tools: such as https://translator.microsoft.com/ or just bring slide deck in English and just give talk in their own language.
  • @sukso96100 and Giyeon to finalize the Budget plan. - Done
  • Promote CFP - all

CFP status

  • About 27 proposal submitted. Will need to check and discuss later, But many of them are not suitable for our event

Sponsor gathering status

  • Contacted 26 companies so far.
  • 2 companies rejected
  • 2 companies accepted(Both silver sponsor), Will sign on contract next week.
  • 22 companies no response yet.
  • @sukso96100 shares sponsor proposition email template for other organizers convenience when contacting companies to ask for sponsorships.

Action items

  • Youngbin to provide email template for sponsorship proposal
  • Youngbin to ping folks in telegram if not much proposal submitted to discuss about CFP extension

Next meeting

Setp 24 1PM UTC

Local team meeting | Sep 17 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording: https://youtu.be/0RWkdeA-6gk



Share updates


  • published CFP extension notice
  • Contacted some potential speakers. Also contacted some applicants to provide feedbacks on proposals.

Junhyeon Bae

  • Confirmed that he can borrow power strips through community partners
  • Contacting with Google Korea and AWS Korea marketing manager for sponsorships
  • Contacted Microsoft Korea - They don’t have marketing manager at the moment.

Giyeon Bang

  • Couldn’t visited venue due to typhoone and schedule conflicts. Got some photos from @sukso96100
  • Plan to visit banner printing company and check available banner types

Sangkon Han

  • Tracking submitted proposals

Banner quotation

  • This will be submitted next week
  • Need to check deadline for submitting banner design files.

Visiting venue for checking audio equipments

  • Giyeon to check wheather audio equipment company should also visit the venue togather and requirements to proceed
  • Things to check
    • Available dates for organizers, venue admins and audio company
    • Wheather audio company’s audio mixer output can be input for venue’s integrated speakers.
    • equipment installation location.
    • Check banner size for lobby
    • Check velcro tape location for banner placement on lobby

Proposal backups ideas - for in case we don’t receive enough proposals

  • L10n workshop
  • Ubuntu Frame workshop - Plan to ask Gwangyeon for that
  • GPG keysigning party
  • sponsored slots

Sponsorship status

  • No new updates
  • Discussion in progress with Cloudmate and WhaTap
  • Contact NHN Cloud for sponsorship

Action items

  • Giyeon to contacter banner producer for banner quotation
  • Giyeon to check available venue visit schedule
  • Junhyeon to check sponsor booth quotation once again
  • Junhyeon to check wheather our fiscal host can book flights for speakers
  • Sangkon to contact people he know and ask for proposal
  • Gathering sponsors: Try to reach out someone we know in the company ratehr then email contact. As email usually goes to spam.

Next meeting

Sep 24 2:00 PM

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Local team meeting | Sep 24 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording: https://youtu.be/uGGwAvSTWiY



Action items from last meeting

  • Banner quotation: Submitted, Now waiting for respone - Giyeon
  • Venue visit schedule: Oct 1, Need to contact audio company if they can also join’
  • Booth quotation - Junhyeon could not checked yet since he was so busy with work.
  • Booking flights with fiscal host - Junhyeon could not checked yet since he was so busy with work.
  • Gatehring speakers, sponsors - In progress

Budget cutout

  • Flight budget for speakers from overseas: 1,300,000 KRW * 10 person-> 1,000,000 * 10 person
  • Conference dinner budget: 13,000,000 KRW for 100 people -> 5,000,000 KRW for 60 people
  • Sprint event will be canceled, So budget for renting sprint venue will be: 1,300,000 KRW -> 0 KRW

About total 20,000,000 KRW cutout from total budget amount.

Lowering sponsorship fees

  • Diamond, Gold, Silver: -2,000,000 KRW
  • Bronze, Supporter, Dinner: -1,000,000 KRW

Providing participants list data to sponsors as sponsor offerings

  • Need to check pricacy related laws first.

Korea Telecom short team contract issue

The KT branch we’ve contacted says they can’t handle this contract and told us to contact nearby KT plaza.

CFP, Sponsorship status

No new updates

Travel sponsorship application form

Update form to accept amount in local currency

Action items

  • Giyeon to check wheather Stomp! can join venue visit schedule at Oct 1st 12PM
  • Giyeon to share banner quotation updates.
  • @sukso96100 to contact @jmkim to ask for updated group tour quotations.
  • @sukso96100 to contact Openstack KR for privacy policy reference
  • Minseong to contact KT plaza nearby the venue
  • @sukso96100 to update sponsorship prospectus

Next meeting

Oct 8 2:00 PM

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Global team meeting | Sep 24 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

No one joined the meeting this time. It’s been postponed to Oct 1st on same time.

Global team meeting | Oct 1 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

Video recording has been lost - No recording available this time.



Updates since last meeting

  • Sponsorship: Contract in progress with 3 sponsors
  • Meeting with Canonical staff
    • Can make progress on Diamond sponsorship next week
    • Canonical can also buy and send merchandises to venue and help us with gathering sponsors.
  • Travel support update
    • @jmkim has been working with most of travel stuffs. But we just found that he’ve been hospitalized for about a month and couldn’t make progress since then. He’s tasks are now transfers to other local team organizers and continue to make progress. We plan to contact Hotel, Travel agency to ask for updated quotation.
  • Revisited venue with audio company
    • To look for audio and live streaming equipment placement
    • Checked large banner size for Intl room - which will be placed next to doors on lobby
  • Regarding Ubuntu Summit

Proposal review

  • @masafumiohta shared some suggestion on review guideline based on his experience on OpenInfra Summit. Following is the guideline we made consensus.
    • Largely two parts: Pre-process and selection.
    • Pre-process
      • Drop spam proposals
      • For those who submitted multiple proposal, ask to select one.
      • Re-assign category if required.
      • Ask applicants to improve proposal if it doesn’t provide sufficient information.
    • Vote proposal by categories and region (Korea/Foreigners)
      • Choose 10 for Korean speakers, 10 for Foreigners
      • Except for worst proposals, Other proposals will go to pending queue. In case selected speaker not reachable.
  • Considerations when reviewing proposals
    • Relevance with Ubuntu and its ecosystem - Other open source topics also ok, but gets a bit lower priority
    • If the topic is too broad or generic, In most cases, not suitable for our event.
    • Proposal that just talks about facts easily found on the internet and already many people know are mostly not suitable for our event.
    • Abstract should provide sufficient overview and information of the session
    • proposal should be Ubuntu CoC and Ubucon Asia CoC compliant
    • Proposal with product and service advertisement purpose strictly prohibited.
  • We can use google doc or spreadsheet format for reviewing proposal. Which would be better
    • No one answers, korean team to make decision
  • Ticket policy
    • @sukso96100 suggests 2 ticket policy for organizers/volunteers/speakers
      • Everybody pays policy - like PyCons
      • Let staffs to choose between free and paid.
        • Most participants said this options sounds better.
  • Meeting method
    • @sukso95100 suggests meeting method with text chat.
    • No decision made. Will make survey for this instead.

Action items

Next meeting

Oct 8 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

Local team meeting (Content team) | Oct 2 4:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording https://youtu.be/J7B5fAdrf0s



  • Review process guideline: Adopted guideline from previous global team meeting.
  • Slots for Korean/Foreinger speaker: About 10 for each
  • Except for workshops, Most Korean speakers will be accepted and will ask them to improve their proposals
  • Type of doc for review: Will use Google docs type

About Canonical to buy and send merchandises to venue

  • All marketing team folks agrees that it’s a good idea.
  • We prefer products in following order: 1. Reversible Vest 2. Performance Jacket 3. Hoody Jacket
  • Quantity will be 350-370
  • Need to check available customization options
  • Vendor seems to be a german vendor. Need to check customs policy for bulk wearables imported from EU
  • Also to check if Canonical can also order merchandises from Korean vendor

Action items

  • @sigmadream to work with document for reviewing proposals
  • @sukso96100 to contact Canonical for merchandises
  • Minseong to check Merchandises import customs, duty, tax policy
  • @sigmadream, @sukso96100, Minseong to review proposals by next week.

Next meeting

Oct 8 2:00 PM UTC+9

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Local team meeting | Oct 8 4:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM UTC+9

Video recording https://youtu.be/HbNAMkQHdR0



Updates since last meeting

Minseong Cho

  • Contract with KT Plaza recommended to be done before 2~3 weeks of event.
  • Import duty information for merchandises Canonical will send
    • Basically, We’ll need to pay 10% VAT and 15% duty
    • Import duty can be exempted if supplier attach a document that merchandises Country of origin is EU or UK

Giyeon Bang

  • The banner designs needs to be shared in EPS format
  • Have not ask for quotation to stomp. Will contact them soon.
  • No quotation inforamtion received from banner supplier. Will contact them to remind again.


  • Sponsors
    • Confirmed: Onlyoffice (Silver)
    • Ongoing: 3 sponsors
    • Internal discussion progress: 2 sponsors
    • GitHub: They ran out of budget for event sponsorship
  • Hotel: Hotel says they can’t cover vegan and halal requirements
  • Group tour: they said 100,000 per person can cover just tour. But not meals

Ticket type and pricing

Attendee 350 tickets (Except organizers)

  • Early bird: 40,000KRW(2days) 30% (100 tickets) open Oct 14
  • List price: 30,000KRW(21USD, 1 day), 50,000KRW(35USD, 2 days) 60% (200 tickets) when Early bird tickets sold out, open after 1 day.
  • Donation ticket: At least 100,000 10% (50 tickets) (Open with donation)
    • Free dinner for 150,000 KRW and more
  • Sponsor ticket: free (Approval by organizer)
  • Organizer ticket: (Approval by organizer)

Activity ticket

  • Dinner: 36,000 KRW (60 - (number of organizer, speakers, sponsors))
  • Group tour: 30,000(50 tickets) (Open with list price ticket)

Conference Dinner

Hotel says (4 star) They can’t cover vegan and halal requirement.

Some other things to consider

  • Will need to check what kind of dishes will be provided from hotel buffet catering.
    • There must be some dishes that vegan can enjoy.
  • In case there are no dishes for vegan or halal can enjoy. Consider ordering dedicate mealbox for participants who need.
    • Will need to ask if it would be ok to order and bring mealbox to banquet

Participant data requirement from sponsors

Some other company asked us again wheather we provide participant data. Because they can’t participate with sponsor booth (where they can collect participant data with survey) and sponsor session (to promote themselves to participants). So they want participant data instead to bring budget from their company.

  • We will need to ask participants wheather they want to share data with sponsors.
    • Only participant data with 3rd party consent will be shared.
  • Will need to write a privacy policy for participants
  • Will also need to ask sponsor what kind of data exactly they need.
    • Some company tolds they need emails at least

Group tour

  • Tour agency says, Our current budget (100,000 KRW per person) can’t cover tour with meals.
  • To keep our budget. We’ll remove meal from group tour.

Action item

  • @edenjint3927, Giyeon to discuss about banner design
  • @sukso96100 to share updates if any response from canonical
  • Giyeon to ask quotation on current supplier and also on different supplier
  • Gyuseok to setup ticket system
  • @sukso96100 to ask hotel for buffet menu details and wheather if we can bring mealbox from other supplier
  • @sigmadream to find some mealbox supplier that can deal with vegan and halal requirement
  • @sukso96100 to ask company who asked for participant data for details of their requirement
  • Content team: proposal review meeting on Oct 9 2 PM
  • Giyeon to contact other tour agency that we’ve been contacted for quotation updates.

Next meeting

Oct 22nd 2 PM UTC+9

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Global team meeting | Oct 8, 1 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0

Video recording : https://youtu.be/M3yKKRrKx_o


Updates from last 2 weeks

  • Khairul: Not much
  • Robbi: have been busy with business in HK
  • Syzawan: None
  • Giyeon: Forgot to contact audio company, will contact banner suppliers and audio company soon.
    • Today(Oct, 08) I shared with the local team about our audio system.
    • Asked LINE Corp for sponsorship, but they are not interested in sponsoring, so they can sponsor us some swags instead.
  • Youngbin:
    • ONLYOFFICE confirmed
    • Cloudmate, Invesume, Inflearn
    • Canonical, MS Korea(Supporter), NHN Cloud
    • Samsung SDS - reviewing proposal
    • Hotel said they can not cover vegan and halal requirements for the banquet and buffet.
  • Ravi
    • Reviewing proposal, almost done.
  • Rudra: Done with reviewing proposal

Participant 3rd party consent

Proposal review step 2


  • Attendee 350 tickets(Except organizers)

  • Early bird: 40,000KRW(2days) 30% (100 tickets) open Oct 14

  • List price: 30,000KRW(21USD, 1 day), 50,000KRW(35USD, 2 days) 60% (200 tickets) when Early bird tickets sold out, open after 1 day.

    • robbinespu@gmail.com says it could be expensive for students, we should consider cheaper tickets with student pricing.
  • Donation ticket: At least 100,000 10% (50 tickets) (Open with donation)

    • Free dinner for 150,000 KRW and more
  • Sponsor ticket: free (Approval by organizer)

  • Organizer ticket: (Approval by organizer)

  • Dinner: 36,000 KRW (60 - (number of organizer, speakers, sponsors))

  • Group tour: 30,000(50 tickets) (Open with list price ticket)

  • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeP0Ougl1lpePwaHCZjvZfKvWzUO8LGOpyEG404DL7g3yeBnQ/viewform

Student verification

  • Email (Could be some bypass from graduate folks) - Maybe we should not use this
  • Student ID
  • Actually… We have to be conscientious… If they need official certificates, basically that is not free.
  • Valid ISIC card

Action items

  • Youngbin and Giyeon to discuss about Student ticket pricing with Korean team
  • Youngbin to create spreadsheet for scoring proposals (next step)
  • korean team to work with privacy policy
  • All: Research on student verification method
  • All: To promote ticket registration once ticket opens
  • Youngbin to update budget plan - expected earning sheet.

Global team meeting | Oct 22, 1 PM ~ 3:00 PM UTC+0



Updates since last meeting

  • Rudra: Not much, been busy with Ubuntu Summit and Ubuntu 22.10 release
  • Youngbin
    • Canonical - Diamond
    • Elastic - Silver
    • WhaTap Labs - Supporter
    • Seoul Tourism Organization - Reviewing our application, result should be available before Ubuntu summit.
    • Microsoft Korea - Supporter or Bronze.
    • NHN Cloud, Inflearn.com, Invesume, Onlyoffice, Cloudmate
    • Hotels: 25 rooms * 4 nights
    • Korean team: reviewed timetable, travel sponsorship.
  • Syzawan: Not much

Timetable review


Travel sponsorship application review

Can provide sponsorship for all speakers: But can only book upto 3 people from organizers side: other people go with reimbursement


Can provide letter of guarantee

Conference dinner

It would be good if we can pair a local volunteer(who can speak English) with an overseas guest.

Tasks for volunteers

  • Help with setting up conference venue: Friday afternoon
  • Help with venue clean up: Day 2 right after the event.
  • Track MC(or moderator): Manage each conference room, Introduce speakers, encourage participants to ask questions, etc.(3 tracks)
  • Registration desk: Manage attendee check-in
  • Photographers: Take photo of participants
  • Document about the event overall.
  • Video editing
  • BoF room Meeting device management: Manage conference phone and presentation laptop.
  • Conference dinner
    • Venue setup/cleanup team
  • Tickets

Local team meeting (Content team) | Oct 16 7:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM UTC+9



  • Work on timetable with submissions
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Local team meeting | Oct 22 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM UTC+9



Updates since last meeting

Junhyeon Bae:

  • Contacted booth supplier for booth installation quotation once again.
  • Backdrop design file for gold sponsor booth is required.
  • Followed up with simultaneous interpretation company for quotation details.

Giyeon Bang

  • Plan to contact Stomp! today to request for contract document.
  • Checked budget for ordering banners from http://www.swadpia.co.kr/
  • Forgot to contact tour agency for group tour quotation


  • Sponsors: Elastic(Silver), WhaTap Labs(Supporter), Canonical(Diamond + Swag budget)
  • Hotels: 25 rooms, Total 13,000,000 KRW
  • Worked with Visa invitation template

Review travel sponsorship applications

Choosed about 10 people - detailed information not described here

Discussion on Visa invitation and Visa sponsorship(letter of guarantee) for speakers

The Korean immigration requires organization to take responsibilities for when providing visa invitation foreigners from certain countries. Such as covering unexpected travel expenses for invited person and expel from Korea due to illegal actions. To make sure something doesn’t go wrong, We discussed about pre-verification(Check if the person is really plan to visit Korea for attending our event) before providing visa invitation.

  • For speakers who required to submit “Letter of guarantee” - Need to check if speaker has enough will to give there speech.
    • Asking speakers to submit draft of presentation slides.
    • Check if speaker has a steady job (or steady income) - Korean Immigration might do some another verification if invitee is unemployed(or self employed) or student.
    • Invitation period stated in the invitation letter should not be longer then event dates + arrival and departure day.
    • Travel team will need to track booking status of each speaker.

Budget and sponsorship

  • Seoul tourism organization approved sponsorship for UbuCon Asia 2022

Conference dinner

Go with booking a party room and catering instead of hotel buffet

Action items

  • Junhyeon to share booth quotation updates when available.
  • Junhyeon to contact simultaneous interpretation company.
  • Giyeon to design banners with Joowon and ask banner supplier for quotations.
  • Giyeon to contact travel agency for quotations.
  • @sukso96100 to contact travel agency for group tour quotation without meal.
  • @sukso96100 to contact speakers for visa pre-verification process
  • @mscho7969 to find party rooms and catering details for meeting at 10 AM
  • @sukso96100 to open tickets on Festa.io and Tito.io
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Local team meeting | Oct 29 10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM UTC+9



Updates since last meeting


  • Booth quotation: Diamond(1,100,000 KRW) + Gold(550,000 KRW * 2) = Total 2,200,000 KRW
  • Booth supplier require us to submit booth backdrop design
  • Send email to simultaneous interpretation company to follow up.
  • Contacted community partner “It has nothing to do with coding” to ask if they are interested to join as volunteer.


  • Unable to contact Joowon, Giyeon will design banner by himself and then contact supplier for quotation.
  • Forgot to contact travel agency (Hana tour)


  • Asked travel agency (Mode tour) for quotation without meal.
    • 50 pax: Without performance show 4,700,000 KRW / With performance show 5,200,000 KRW
    • 60 pax: Without performance show 5,200,000 KRW / With performance show 5,700,000 KRW
  • Completed visa invitation pre-verification process for speakers. Working with documents for visa invitation currently.
  • Opened ticket on Festa.io and Tito.io
    • Festa: Organizers/Speakers 16, Early bird 14 registered
    • Tito: Organizers/Speakers 6, Early bird 6, Online 4 registered
    • 50+ in-person foreign registration required to get sponsorship from Seoul Tourism Organization.


  • Confirmed and booked conference dinner venue (A party room near Hongik University) with help from @sukso96100
    • 1 Large room with catering bar(50 pax) + 1 Small room(10 pax)
    • 18:00 ~ 22:00 (Organizers can enter at 17:30 for preparation)
    • Total price: 1,256,000 KRW (including VAT)
    • Coffee and water are free
  • Halal guys catering in progress
    • Food for 20 pax will be for vegan (falafel) and 40 pax will be for halal and others.
    • Pricing: Regular platter, drinks, side dishes = Total 1,200,000 KRW

Sponsorship status

  • Diamond: Canonical - Sponsorship contract draft sent
  • Gold : None
  • Silver
    • Onlyoffice(Confirmed) - Got session details.
    • Invesume(Confirmed) - No sponsored session, Need sponsor booth backdrop design
    • Elastic(In progress) - Need both session details and booth backdrop design. Fiscal host is registering themselves as vendor on Elastic’s system currently.
    • Naver Cloud: Will make sponsorship decision next week.
  • Bronze
    • Cloudmate(Confirmed)
    • NHN Cloud: Payment will be made mid november. Need details on 3rd party consent.
  • Supporter
    • Inflearn(Confirmed)
    • WhaTap Labs: payment will be delayed by November
  • Government partners: NIPA, Seoul Tourism Organization
  • Sponsor logo on banners
    • Banners inside Intl room
    • Large banners on lobby
    • On standing banners - which will be installed on breakout rooms.

Group tour

  • Will decrease 50 pax to 25 pax (including organizers) - need to ask for quotation again.
  • Need to check number of foreign participants.
  • Only tour (no performance show on schedule)

Sponsor booth

  • 1 gold booth will be used for community hub
  • Silver booth will be same spec as past


  • Social media marketing: Posting on Facebook page/groups, Twitter, Mastodon + Facebook ADs
    • Sharing website url on social media automatically shared with preview image.
  • Timetable with at least with session titles should be published now. Details can be published sequentially.
  • Need to bring at least 50 in-person foreign participants.
    • Ask Canonical for help with marketing by publishing promo posting on ubuntu.com/blog
      • @sukso96100, Giyeon, Junhyeon to work together on posting draft in Korean then @sukso96100 to translate into English.

Budget update

  • 1 speaker from Nepal gave up to join in-person due to preparing Visa documents.
    • Remaining budget from this will be used for:
      • Sponsoring 1 more person’s travel
      • Adding performance show option on group tour
      • Remaining budget after these allocation will be cut off.


  • @mscho7969 brought quotation for hoodies.
  • Color: Red for patrons and speakers / Grey for volunteers and organizers.
  • Need logo placement information


Walkie talkie

  • 12 devices required for organizers and few volunteers.
  • @sukso96100 to contact previous PyCon KR organizers who has experience with walkie talkies

Action items

  • Giyeon
    • Work with banner design with sponsor logos @sukso96100 will provide soon.
    • Stomp! contract
  • @sukso96100
    • Ask for updates group tour quotation (45pax with performance show)
    • Contact Seoul Tourism Organiziton for required group tour participant scale.
    • Work with visa invitation and 2 flight ticket booking for speakers.
    • Work with sponsor registration
    • Contact PyCon KR prev organizer for walkie talkie
  • @mscho7969
    • Contact fiscal host and hoodie supplier for hoodie order.
    • Work with volunteer registration form.
  • Junhyeon to look for exact spec for Gold/Silver booth
  • @sigmadream to work with Lightning talk form
  • Junhyeon and Giyeon to work on promo posting draft. @sukso96100 to translate it into English and hand it over to Canonical Community Team

Next meetings

  • Hoodie design discussion on 2PM
  • Promo posting drafting discussion on 4PM
  • Next meeting on Sunday 8PM KST
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Local team meeting | Oct 29 02:30 PM ~ 03:30 PM UTC+9



Discuss about hoodie design and quantity to order.

  • Dark Grey -> Light Grey
  • Red: This will be distributed for Volunteers.
  • Hoodie with napping or not? - Go with napping. Let’s work hard and sell tickets a lot instead.
  • Quantity
    • Organizer: 11
    • Volunteer: 40
    • Patrons: 50
    • Speakers: 27
  • Quantity by colors
    • Light grey: Organizer 11 + Volunteer 40 = 51
    • Red: Patrons 50 + Speakers 27 = 77
    • Total 128
  • Hoodie size data will be collected with attendee registration (including staffs and speakers)
    • Separate Google form will be used for Volunteers.

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Local team meeting | Oct 29 16:00 PM ~ 17:00 PM UTC+9



Work on marketing plan and promotion posting draft. (in Korean)

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Local team meeting | Nov 04 09:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM UTC+9




  • @sukso96100 shared sponsor logos with Giyeon, and Giyeon is now working with banner designs.
  • Giyeon will contact banner rental company for renting banner stands.


  • @sukso96100 contacted travel agency for updated group tour quotation. (40 pax with performance show): Total 3,740,000 KRW
  • Flight booking for 2 speakers in progress.
  • Visa invitation documents preparation in progress.
  • Visa invitation documents for @rs2009 will be printed and prepared on-site in Prague


  • Order placement for hoodies need be confirmed next week. @mscho7969 will contact Plan9 (fiscal host) to proceed with the payment.
  • Order will be placed right after @mscho7969 got design for hoodies.
  • Payment can be proceed after OpenInfra Days Korea - Since Plan9 is busy with that event.
  • Nametags
    • Names will be handwritten on nametag
    • Stickers will be placed for those who attends social events and workshops.


  • Sponsor booth backdrops
    • (Gold/Community)3M x 2.1M , (Diamond)6M x 2.1M (Adobe Ilustrator cs5 format design)
  • Banner on Intl room: 8.5m * 1m
  • Junhyeon confirmed that we can prepare about 46 power strips
    • 4 plug strip * upto 14
    • 30m power strip * 2 (+2 for backup)
    • 30 power strips for workshop event
    • Some will be rent from Cloudmate, Some will be purchased at nearby store.
  • Walkie talkies: @sukso96100 a prev PyCon KR staff and he recommended to rent some online since it’s not much expensive.
  • @mscho7969 to work with network provider contract after OpenInfra Days Korea.

Marketing & Promotions

  • @sukso96100, Giyeon, Junhyeon done with working on promo posting text. @sukso96100 translated it into English. and handed over to Canonical folks to publish on Ubuntu Blog (But Canonical folks also seem to be super busy due to Ubuntu Summit)
  • Contact community partners to ask for help with bringing more participants.
    • OpenStack KR (Seongsoo Cho), openSUSE KR and LibreOffice KR (Daehyun Sung), K8s KR, It has nothing to do with coding, WSLHUB, and more.

Lightning talk, Volunteer application form

  • Lightning talk application form(@sigmadream) : Almost done. Need to be shared via google drive shared directory.
  • @mscho7969 plan to work on Volunteer form.
    • Need to include following questions:
      • Available languages: Korean, English
      • Available times
      • Tasks or roles applicants can contribute.

Other follow ups

  • @sukso96100 is working with sponsor registration process.
  • Giyeon will contact Stomp! to proceed with contract on weekends.
  • Drinks(Alcohols) for Conference dinner: Will be supplied from convenience store nearby.
  • @sukso96100 need to check if venue can provide free car parking coupons.
  • Banner designs are almost done.
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Local team meeting | Nov 12 02:00 PM ~ 04:00 PM UTC+9



  • Quotation for big-pols banner stands rental
    • Supplier will share quotation for 4 stands soon.
  • Stomp! will provide quotation based on our event budget.
    • The company already know about the venue details.
    • Some consideration for audio system would be needed.
  • Banner designs
    • Giyeon’s banner designs are being delayed due to main business.
  • Volunteer application form by @mscho7969 - Done
    • Need to specify that volunteers should work for at least 2 time slots.
  • Hoodie design - confirmed
  • Walkie talkie - LTE Walkie talkie rental quotation confirmed. Order will be placed soon.
  • Halal guys catering contract in progress.
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Local team meeting | Nov 19 11:00 AM ~ 01:00 PM UTC+9

Final meeting just before the event dates.




Contracts & payments

  • WhaTab Labs - Contract in progress
  • Canonical Ltd. - Contract in progress
  • Naver Cloud - Contract in progress
  • NHN Cloud - PO approved, Not paid yet.
  • Microsoft Korea

Sponsored talks

  • Canonical - confirmed
  • NHN Cloud - not yet
  • Elastic - not yet
  • Onlyoffice - confirmed

Web & Content

  • @sigmadream to collect presentation slides and pre-recorded videos.
  • Information for closing speech, Lightning talk, Kwangyeon’s workshop is missing on website.


  • Flights for 3 speakers - done
  • Visa for @rs2009 and @axon-rb - waiting for visas to be issued
  • Hotel booking - done
  • Cancel remaining hotel rooms

Social events

  • Dinner: Venue, catering ready
  • Group tour - contract almost done with smaller participants (20pax)


  • Attendee gathering: foreigners at least 50 pax
  • Attendee gathering: 300 at least
  • Ticket discount promotion
  • Canonical blog posting - almost done
  • Order neck warmer / Canceled
  • Order stickers, nametags / @mscho7969
  • Buy stickers for social event, workshop participant marking
  • Order necklace wallet - done



  • Canonical booth backdrop design - not yet
  • Silver sponsor booth backdrop designs - done
  • Wall/Hanging/Standing banner designs - done
  • @sukso96100 to design standing banner with “Ubuntu Korea” logo
  • Giyeon to give direction on banner placement on event preparation day.

Facilities installation

  • Silver booth: Tables, Table covers, Banners - Giyeon to check
  • Diamond booth: Frame installation, Banner backdrop - @sukso96100
  • Simultaneous interpretation booth and equipment - Junhyeon to monitor install process
  • Workshop room recording equipment setup - Giyeon to monitor
  • Network installation - @mscho7969 to remind Plan9 (fiscal host) to make payment soon.
  • BoF: Test and setup speaker phone - @sukso96100
  • Power strips
    • Install on sponsor booth, reception and workshop room
    • Junhyeon to manage install and removal



  • Subway sandwich - Vegan sandwich and BLT sandwich
  • Place order on Nov 26 12PM
  • Place order on Nov 27 12PM

Conference dinner

  • @mscho7969 to manage the event overall
  • @sukso96100 and Junhyeon to navigate foreign participants to the dinner venue

Hoodie, Nametags, Walkie-talkie, Chatrooms

  • Junhyeon to check hoodie size for volunteers
  • @mscho7969 to check hoodie delivery
  • Reception manager to distribute hoodies.
  • @mscho7969 to check stock and distribute necklace wallet and nametags.
  • @mscho7969 to receive walkie-talkie rental package
  • Junhyeon to distribute/collect walkie talkie.
  • Junhyeon to create group chat for staffs
  • @sukso96100 to announce participant group chat on opening speech
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