UbuCon Asia 2022 - Looking for sponsors!

The UbuCon Asia 2022 team is now looking for sponsors!
We were a bit late because of dealing with last minute detail changes.

You can find sponsorship program details from here:

Unlike last year, Our total budget amount is really… huge this time! And we really need a lot of sponsors! (Because of renting venue, bring speakers from overseas, setup audio equipments and live streaming, organize conference dinner and etc…)

If the company or organization you work for is intrested in sponsoring community event, Usually teams like Marketing team or DevRel team is in charge of sponsoring event. Asking them to consider sponsoring UbuCon Asia will be a big help for us! - And of course! Spreading this also helps us a lot!

Hope to see you all in November! - both at the Ubuntu Summit and UbuCon Asia 2022!

Hi everyone! We’re still looking for sponsor. I have written an article why you should be sponsoring UbuCon Asia 2022 on our website https://2022.ubucon.asia/news/2022-10-09-ubucon2022-sponsorship/