UbuCon Asia 2022 - Call for Talks and Workshops (Extended until Sep 28)

Call for talks and workshops have been extended until 2022-09-28T14:59:59Z
You have now 2 more weeks to improve your proposal or submit new one if you haven’t wrote one yet.
We currently don’t have enough number of proposal on workshops or proposals with intermediate/advanced level of difficulty. Also, most proposals submitted by today are Desktop, Cloud & Infra, Social context & Community topics. We also welcome proposals on IoT, Data & AI, Packaging, WSL and other topics


UbuCon Asia 2022 is now accepting talks and workshop proposals.
You can prepare yours and submit until Sep 14.
Call for Lightning talks and BoFs aren’t opened yet, It will be opened later.

We are accepting proposals on following categories but not limited to:

  • Desktop
    • GNOME, KDE, GTK, QT, Flutter, Enterprise Desktop Deployments, Active Directory, Ubuntu flavours
  • Cloud and Infrastructure
    • Public cloud, On premise, Linux Containers(Docker, LXC, LXD), Container Orchestration(Kubernetes, Microk8s), DevOps, Juju, Multipass, Openstack, KVM, QEMU and more
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)
    • Ubuntu WSL & Windows Interoperability, WSL on Windows Server, Developing for Linux using WSL
  • Localizations, Internationalizations, and Accessibility
  • IoT, Embedded, Robotics, Appliances
    • Ubuntu Core, Raspberry Pi, ROS, Snaps on IoT
  • Packaging: Debian packaging(*.deb), Snap packaging, Launchpad PPA, Launchpad Build Recipes, Flatpak, and more
  • Documentations, QA and Bug triage
  • Security, Compliance and Kernel: AppArmor, SELinux, Livepatch, FIPS, Open source license and more
  • Data and AI: Ubuntu for Data Science, Data Engineering, AI and ML workloads
  • Content and Design: Video and Image editing, Graphic design, 3D Graphics with open source on Ubuntu
  • Community, Diversity, Local Outreach and Social Context

To learn more and submit your proposal today, please visit following URL.

If you have any questions, You may contact contact@ubucon.asia (General questions), content@ubucon.asia (Proposal and content questions) or you can also just send me a PM on discourse.

Hope we can see you all in Seoul, Korea!


I created irc, matrix and telegram chat for participants today. They are all integrated.
Feel free to join and ask any questions on event or writing/submitting proposals.

IRC: #ubucon-asia on libera.chat
Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#ubucon-asia:matrix.org
Telegram: https://t.me/UbuConAsia

Good news for folks coming from overseaes plan to give talk or workshop!

COVID-19 PCR/RAT Test negative document will no longer be required from Sep 3 0AM KST when departing to Korea.
(Note that COVID-19 PCR test on arrival is still required)

It will be much easier to enter Korea in November :slight_smile:

Source: Korean Government Media (URL below, Article written in Korean)

We extended our CFP until Sep 28. See updated post above and our notice on website for details!