Ubucon Asia 2021 Meeting reports update thread

Hello everyone.
With many organizers on the Ubucon Asia team,
We’re now continuously making progress on our event plan.
From today, I would like to post meeting note updates on this thread.

To keep updated on our event plan, just keep track on this thread. :slight_smile:

These are meeting notes before meeting note of today (March 17th)

And this one is the meeting note for today’s meeting.

Today’s meeting summary

  • Event date and time: Sept 25th ~ 26th 13:00~20:00 UTC+9
  • Maximum 4 rooms concurrently
  • CFP expected to open around early May
  • discussed about Ubucon Asia CoC based on Ubuntu CoC 2.0
  • Some more ideas on swags

To learn more about Ubucon Asia, head over to our website or document on Ubuntu Wiki


Here’s the meeting note for April 14th


  • Discussed about fiscal host
  • Discussed about swag and Calling for papers promotions
  • Discussed about updating websites.

Some update on Ubucon Asia 2021
CFS will open soon from May 1st. organizers are busy with finalizing some details before to prepare for announcements)