Ubucon Asia 2021: CFP extended until July 14

Since we don’t have enough submissions yet, And also to consider recent COVID-19 variant outbreaks, We decided to extend our submission deadline for another 2 weeks. Please submit your proposal until 2021-07-14T14:59:00Z

Call for translation volunteers also extended to the same date (until 2021-07-14T14:59:00Z) Currently, We don’t have any volunteer application for Chinese(China), Chinese(Taiwan) and Japanese we look forward participations from people who can translate these languages into English.


Like i said before, If you’re unsure about choosing session topic, writing session proposal or preparing presentation, please don’t hesitate to reach out content team(content@ubucon.asia). We’ll try to help out.

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Ubucon Asia 2021 CFP will close very soon. If you submitted any proposals, Check your proposals again to see if anything missing.

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CFP is now closed! Thank you everyone who submitted proposals to the first Ubucon Asia!