🏁 Ubucon America - Event Proposal for Canonical, UBPorts and Ubuntu Community


Today I come here to announce the proposal to hold a unified regional event: Ubucon America.

To explain it, I will list here the 5 objectives of the event:


  • :purple_heart: Bring together all the people of the American continent, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch speakers, in a unified online event, where they can meet and connect with the existing local Ubuntu communities.

  • :cd: Promote activities to promote and disseminate the use of Linux on the desktop and projects developed by the community around Ubuntu.

  • :sparkles: Strengthen the unity and spirit of friendship and cooperation of existing Ubuntu communities and create new mechanisms for partnership and development.

  • :two_hearts: Seek to reconnect Canonical, UBPorts and the Ubuntu community in general, so that the vitality and willpower of the Ubuntu community can be restored, so that both can be in sync.

  • :briefcase: Discuss the problems and solutions for Linux, the Ubuntu family in general and set an annual goal to be met.

Regarding the date of the event, it will be defined as soon as we have more people helping at the event to make a safe choice for everyone, however I hope to be able to hold it in June or July.

I would like in this post to request a merger of Ubucon Earth Online with our event, so that it would be possible to hold a regional event, but that would be comprehensive and open to everyone.

If you know more people who would like to help at the event, it will be of great help and they will be welcome. :checkered_flag: