Translucent top panel going away in 19.04?

The translucency was backed out today because of legibility concerns.

Should Ubuntu/Yaru follow suit? Or patch it in again?

Oh crap
No way to change this in CSS since he also changed the js
And Ubuntu uses upstream shell so… That’s probably it :cry:

Well, we could try to convince the Desktop team to carry a distro patch. Although that would probably be not easy since they promised not to deviate too much from upstream.

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Hm I think that is a rather bad idea. Maybe better ping some Canonical JS experts to fix it upstream.

I asked one of the designers: the problem that was not fixed is that on some wallpapers the panel button icons and text is hard to read.
elementary fixed this by auto adjusting the panel to the wallpaper (black icons / white icons)


This is really sad - even on Gnome’s gitlab the response is no thumbs-ups and twelve sobbing faces. The person opening the change actually acknowledges that the translucent top panel “looks fancy” and it really does :frowning:

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