Transitionally support touchpad gestures in X11?

In the way Ubuntu is (at least experimentally) supporting a X11 version of fractional scaling while the Wayland option is being fully developed —this X11 version just being a desktop integration of xrandr arcana common between “power users” since some years ago— why no just doing something similar for touchpad equivalent arcana? The additional dependencies are mild:

  1. xdotool
  2. libinput-gestures (this is not packaged yet, but seems easy to package, also see below)

The configuration, even if not as powerful nor fancy, could follow the guidelines stated in It could be added as a simple text file in /etc/skel.

This way ubuntu would be (one of?) the only Linux X11 desktop providing touchpad gestures out-of-the-box.

I’m using this since some weeks now and it’s very very effective. Without even thinking about it I’m using it all the time. I have some configuration tips that I can share.

OTOH, I’ve suggested the author of libinput-gestures to package it (and a related GUI independently developed, see as a snap or a flatpak. So that could be an alternative, not as convenient as having it builtin but a way to promote snaps (although they still could go the flatpak road instead).