Tracker stuck in cosmic-proposed

tracker currently in cosmic-proposed has an issue for us. The tracker libraries now depend on the ontology files shipped by the tracker binary. (@darkxst said that he noticed a similar issue with the gsettings schemas too). This means that in -proposed, nautilus won’t start.

Possible solutions

  1. Split those files into tracker-common. This was done in Salsa but mbiebl wants us to try to work upstream instead.
  2. The upstream proposal (not implemented in code yet) might work for brasero but nautilus might need to depend on tracker.
  3. Revert the commit that made the missing ontology file an error.

Issues with those solutions

  1. It’s annoying if we do this and Debian doesn’t.
  2. The tracker MIR is stalled. In my opinion, I’m not sure we need to block on a security review since tracker is partially in main and used to be in main.
  3. That would fix the symptom but maybe it should be an error based on how the code works??

To be fair, we don’t really need the new tracker version in cosmic.

We’re postponing the tracker update until after the 18.10 release. More details on this LP bug.

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