Totem does not support videos

Recently as in with the last year I have noticed that Totem (the default video player in Ubuntu) has been playing video without any sounds. To my knowledge I have installed all the apporiate codecs needed. The same thing I have been doing for the last 15 or 16 years (since Ubuntu 6.06). Beause of that I have had to use alternative video players. VLC works great but I have come to like Celluloid, which not only works well but also look strinking similar to Totem. Should Ubuntu replace Totem with Celluloid? I know Ubuntu Mate has already done that. Thoughts?


I am all for replacing Totem. Totem is soo basic that I don’t see it to fulfill any practical needs. Celluloid has a trusted and competent basis in MPV.


It’s true Totem in its default state is not useful due to the lack of codecs. Ignoring the performance differences.

Unfortunately a codec-free player is all we can safely/legally ship out of the box right now, but we are working to improve that experience in future.


Ah makes a lot of sense. Thank you for that insight.

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