TLP vs Power Profiles

Hi all,

Continuing discovering Impish. :wink:

Well, I use a P14s gen 2 Thinkpad now, AMD.

I do use TLP, with default settings. I noticed with powertop that I was a BAD guy for power management. It happens when I start my laptop on BAT. If I start on AC, and after that disconnect AC supply, then I become a GOOD guy.
So I suspected TLP was buggy or not started or some other annoying stuff.
I tried to force TLP to start on BAT mode, but nope. So third choice: I suspected power profiles daemon to conflict with TLP. If I remove this package, TLP power setup is active after a cold boot on BAT. Cool!

Obviously, I discovered AFTER this that I did not discover anything.

Well, TLP is widely used by laptop users, so IMO it’s worth to handle this conflict before release.

Question: does power profiles daemon provide the same PCI power saving features as TLP?

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