Time to load a Ubuntu session

How long should it take for Ubuntu 18.04.01 to load? From the end of bios screen delay to my password it takes 2 ½ minutes. Is it normal?
Ubuntlu 18.04.01
external ssd samsung 860 pro in a NexStar GX usb 3.1 Gen 2 tpe C with corresponding usb cable.
intel i7 8700k
Asus Prime Z370-A

It takes a minute or two to start a VM using 4 gigs.

So, for you, unless you have about 1 gig of ram (impossible), then a bunch of stuff is loading. Hit escape and see if there is any useless processes starting.

This could be from installing packages that try to touch your main OS (Deepin, ubuntu-mate-desktop package as to mate-desktop-environment)

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With an ssd 10 - 20 sec would be what I’d expect since systemd was adopted.

There are many, many, many support threads on this already in the support venues. Look for the threads that show you how to diagnose your actual problem - slow boot is merely a symptom.