Tiling window manager for Wayland


I currently use a tiling window manager called i3 and support for wayland will land in the future. In the mean time there is a drop-in wayland replacement for i3, called sway (un-official ppa)

I think it would be good to include sway into the official repositories. What are the steps required for this to happen? Who should I contact, besides the PPA maintainer and upstream developers. Should this be included into Debian, or Ubuntu, what’s Debian’s support for wayland like?


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The standard traditional answer is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages. The new answer is to write a snap, which is in general much easier for users than the packaging work needed for a deb when packaging a “leaf” app. I have no idea what would be involved for a window manager, though, or what a “window manager” even means for Wayland.

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