Thunderbird Supernova

Thunderbird 115 Supernova is a big visual upgrade. Any chance it will make it to 22.04?

Do you recommend users download from the Thunderbird website instead?

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I’m pretty sure that you mean the .deb package in the repository, but in the Snap/Candidate channel it seems already available. I suppose it will be available in the stable channel in the next few days.


Thanks. I am using the Thunderbird instance that came pre-installed in 22.04.

The current version number is 102.13.0 (64-bit)

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I’m not sure if Thunderbird 115 will be available in the “apt” package in 22.04. Let’s wait for other replies…


From what I understand major version changes in the apt repos are only for upcoming ubuntu releases except for browsers as it’s the only way to get security updates. So for something like thunderbird there should never be a major version bump on an already released ubuntu version according to the current packaging practices.
Backports repos are not a thing anymore, right?

For a lot of things it can be frustrating (games (0ad, Minetest), instant messaging apps (dino, gajim)) but in this case about Thunderbird 115, that’s a really good thing, because this release does a lot of changes that requires extensions to be updated. So for now a lot are broken. I’m currently without Conversations and Nostalgy++ due to not having noticed the update on a cutting edge distro :frowning:

TB 115 wiil land in 22.04 but, if the business is as usual, in a few subversions.
Time to clear major bugs and 102.x to be security-obsolete.

I do use 115 snap version, it seems to work very well. The only bugs I noticed are the wrong old icon (not a big deal, will be solved soon, probably) and the fact that you cannot add TB as default calendar app in GNOME control center (you can with TB 115 deb).

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I use the Snap candidate and I also noticed the old icon.

I use the Snap candidate since 2022. Now even the stable Snap is upgraded to 115 Supernova. If you don’t use any extensions, you can install the new release without fear. If you use extensions you should wait and check the compatibility with the new release. (I think that you can install the Snap alongside the default deb and running two instances of Thunderbird. I used to have the two versions on my system, but now I only have the Snap version)

Today I updated Thunderbird (Snap candidate) to the 115.2 and now there is the new icon.

Sadly thunderbirds accent colour doesn’t follow the Ubuntu accent colour anymore. Anyone has a workaround for this?

I’ve noticed that as well and it’s reported upstream as

It feels like quite a visual regression and I’m pondering considering it a blocker to update older Ubuntu series to 115…

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I’m using tb 117.0b6-1 also not working with Ubuntu accent color but the dark mode switching is working fine.

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Yes still here with 115.2 snap.
I missed this one before you mention it here because I use blue accent color ^^ .

Please don’t block upgrades over this. Minor visual issues should not be a blocker.

This issue is solved.
Canonical should update TB deb soon as:

And the upgrade process, if I guess, is not blocked by this.

The issue isn’t solved, Thunderbird just said they weren’t going to fix it.

True, I was thinking about another issue, not this one.

Why TB snap is built without Wayland?
FF snap is now using Wayland (am I right?).

And there’s still this issue about default calendar app in GNOME:
I do not understand why TB deb is ok with that or FF snap is proposed as default browser. There should be a solution?

Unsure what’s the issue there, the snap is being listed as shown by the screenshot on that report?

I think @fthx points to a problem where Thunderbird (snap) is not visible in Calendar dropdown list (I can also confirm this)