Thunderbird beta/core24 snap available for testing

As the gnome46/core24 snapcraft gnome extension is getting out of experimental status we are starting rebasing our snaps to the newer platform version.

I’ve pushed a PR with the proposed changes on Switch to core24 by seb128 · Pull Request #15 · ubuntu/thunderbird · GitHub and published a corresponding beta build to the store, if you want to give it a try
$ sudo snap refresh thunderbird --channel=beta/core24

Feedback would be welcome. I will work on a stable/core24 build after getting a first round of review/testing on the beta build


Thought Thunderbird wanted to take ownership of the snap?
On another note, so far everything’s working normally on Tuxedo OS

Hopefully it doesn’t “slow down” after waking up from sleep

Yes, that’s still the plan and they are working with us to main the snap already.

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Shouldn’t the command be

sudo snap refresh thunderbird --channel=beta/core24


yes, thanks for catching the error, I’ve edited my post now


Working perfectly for me.

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Hi @seb128 I have also created a PR which adds some metadata to the snap, please check it. It’d be great to have the snaps with proper metadata in the store.

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