Thunderbird 68

Thunderbird just got a big update this week. It is now at version 68, based on Firefox version 68 ESR. Any plans to push that update to all supported Ubuntu?


Hi @mohan-ram, if you look at the Desktop Team Update - Monday 19th August 2019 @oSoMoN is working on it.


Yes, thunderbird 68 is already available in eoan-proposed, but blocked by jsunit and enigmail issues, which require major updates of both packages, which I’m working on.

Once the situation is sorted out in eoan, it will be backported to all supported Ubuntu releases.

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Do we have any news from tb68 in Ubuntu Repos ?

Many thanks

I think that it is in main already. At least in eoan:

The others will probably follow soon.

That’s right, thunderbird 68.1.1 is available in Ubuntu 19.10 (to be released next week). As for other supported releases, (16.04, 18.04, 19.04) they have been updated to thunderbird 60.9.0, and we are working on bringing thunderbird 68 there too.


Any news for version 18.04?

The release for Ubuntu 18.04 seems to be progressing in line with the SRU procedure:


Is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS out of scope for Thunderbird 68 ?

No, and in fact the update is mostly ready, but it requires updating other components (enigmail and jsunit) which aren’t ready yet. But it’s being worked on.

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It has to be noted that a considerable amount of extensions will not work for TB68, as many extension maintainers have not yet upgraded their extensions or decided to quit entirely because of the WebExtension change. Has this potential disruption for LTS users already been discussed elsewhere?

Note also that all Thunderbird releases are ESR releases

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I am having trouble sharing Thunderbird Profiles with Windoze7 which uses Thunderbird 68.6 with message Ubuntu’s Thunderbird 68.4.1 is an old version. When will this be resolved?

Please be more precise. What touble do you have ? I think Tunderbird create a new profile because it isn’t the same installation.

Thunderbird 68.6 is currently available for the development release, i.e. what will become Ubuntu 20.04. I would imagine work is ongoing to bring Thunderbird 68 to the supported releases.

If you continue to share profiles between Windows and Ubuntu then you may well experience the same problem in the future as Thunderbird upgrades for Windows aren’t likely to happen on the same day as Ubuntu upgrades.

Sharing a profile between Windows and Linux might help avoid future problems.

Many thanks. I hope Ubuntu 20.04 will do the trick.

I have been sharing profiles between various installations of Windoze and Ubuntu (and other Linux flavours) for over 20 years on many machines and never had a problem before. However I’ll look at the suggested link. Many thanks again - Roger.

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Thunderbird 68.6.0 is already in 20.04, and I’m working on backporting it to all supported Ubuntu releases.

Profile incompatibilities between versions 68.4.1 and 68.6.0 are unexpected though, would you mind filing a bug upstream and sharing the link to it here?

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It seems that although Thunderbird should be compatible within any major new version such as 68, this is merely a pious hope which has not been achieved. See Mozilla bug .

A quick follow-up: thunderbird 68.7.0 is now in all supported Ubuntu releases, including 16.04.

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“Thank you” for this update… now almost every add-on doesn’t work and “thank you” again for removing fallback versions so we have to downgrade to thunderbird 38. It’s just amazing!

things are rarely removed from launchpad, want an older package click on Release name for all in that Release