Thoughts on mouse and keyboard sharing between devices in GNOME Settings app?

An idea came to my mind.
Most of us use Ubuntu on multiple devices, my setup is a desktop with one monitor and a laptop standing next to it.
I have to use my desktop keyboard and mouse and then I have to use my laptops keyboard and trackpad separately.

So, my proposal to devs is to include Synergy Core in Ubuntu by default and integrate it into the GNOME Settings app.

Synergy Core is a keyboard and mouse sharing software with a GPL license.

The appropriate synergy package already seems to be in Ubuntu (Universe). Has been for a very long time.

Question: Why should synergy be ‘by default’ (Install image) instead on-demand (Software Center)? The Desktop Team (I-am-not-a-member and I-do-not-pretend-to-speak-for-them) has historically been rather keen on keeping the default install rather balanced-yet-lightweight to appeal to a broad spectrum of users. After install, users can easily pull lots of additional features on-demand for their specific uses.

Data point: On my system, the synergy package pulls in 11MB of dependencies, which inflate to 43 MB of disk space.

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