This Week in Mir (9th Mar, 2018)

HI, I’m William and this is my first post here. I’ve had a great week learning about the current state and planning the future of Mir.

XDG shell enabled by default

This week @alan_g and I have made numerous small improvements to our XDG shell V6 implementation, and have turned it on by default.

Wayland only in 18.04

Due to changes in the Ubuntu graphics stack, we have dropped Mir EGL support in Mesa earlier than expected. This prevents hardware acceleration in clients using the legacy Mir client protocol on Ubuntu 18.04 and later. Wayland clients are not affected. More details here

This means Mir will provide the same features across Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 26, 27 and rawhide.


We’ve done some investigation into the architecture we’ll need to support XWayland. More details here