This Week in Mir (8th Dec, 2017) - Mir 0.29.0 release candidate

Last week, to celebrate getting mirscreencast working, I posted a video of Mir running on Fedora and promised a release once the fixes had landed. The fixes have landed and we have started the 0.29.0 release process (more details below).

@saviq and I have been finalizing our new release process following the move from Launchpad. That has meant a bit of experimentation with the new infrastructure but things should start going smoothly in future releases.

@greyback has been busy tracking down some issues running some essential Mir based snaps for IoT. Unfortunately, this meant a delay in follow up on the Mir’s next steps - we need your input! conversation he started last week, but it hasn’t been forgotten.

@raof has continued work on the Wayland Conformance Test Suite and any fixing issues we find in our Wayland support. One important development during the past week is that Canonical management have confirmed that this wlcs project will not be subject to the Canonical contributor licence agreement. That should remove one potential barrier to co-operation with other projects.

I’ve also spent some time updating some of our tests:

  • Fixing some tests that failed occasionally on busy “builders”;
  • Reviving the Mir performance tests ; and,
  • Incorporating a “smoke test” script that we used to use on the launchpad based CI.

The new “performance tests” and “smoke tests” are part of the mir-test-tools package and will be useful testing the release candidate.

Mir 0.29.0 release candidate

We’ve branched and are in the process of building the release candidate. That may take a few hours to complete. Once the builds complete it will be available:

On Ubuntu from the Release Candidate PPA as follows:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mir-team/rc
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install mir-demos qterminal
$ sudo apt install mir-graphics-drivers-desktop qtubuntu-desktop

On Fedora from @Conan_Kudo’s COPR as follows:

$ sudo dnf copr enable ngompa/mir-prerel-fedora
$ sudo dnf install  mir-demos qterminal
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