This Week In Mir (6th July, 2018)

This week has been fairly quiet following the Mir 0.32.0 release.

We’ve updated our mir-kiosk snap to Mir 0.32.0 and promoted it to stable.

@raof fixed the bug that was blocking release to Ubuntu 18.10 and I got some example EGL code working on Wayland from inside miral-shell.

We are in the process of converting some of our “mir-kiosk” example applications to use Wayland instead of the legacy mirclient API, and that led me to find another bug.

We’ve some other bugs and clean-up in progress, but once we’re happy we’ll create another release that will find its way into the Ubuntu archives. Expect that later this month.

Looking further ahead, we’ve been thinking about Supporting Wayland extensions on Mir servers and the various use-cases (such as Custom Wayland Protocol Extensions).

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