This week in Mir (27th July, 2018)


@sophie-w has continued his work laying the test framework foundations in preparation for supporting the xdg-shell stable Wayland extension and then “panel” support.

@raof is back from his well earned vacation and has resumed his work on some of the low level system integration.

The X11 work from @mariogrip has been landed but is still “experimental” and, while available for experimentation from the development PPA, still has some major issues to be tackled (#478 & #479) before it can be considered ready for production.


@saviq has done some excellent work automating the publishing of the mir-kiosk snap. The result of this is that a build from the release candidate PPA is automatically published to the “candidate” channel and a build from the development PPA to the “edge” channel.

I have also updated the mir-kiosk-apps snap on the “edge” channel to use Wayland.

@greyback and I have continued the efforts to smooth out the bumps along the road to publishing graphical snaps. Much of that is internal and takes a while to release, but it will get even easier over the coming weeks.

On the web

This week I’ve cleaning off a lot of the dusty documentation that has accumulated around the Mir project and that lead to me blogging about some of the projects that use Mir:

This sparked off a history of Unity8 from UBports:

It’s a great story!


In addition to the Ubuntu and Fedora archives, Mir is now available on Arch Linux, you can install the mir package from the AUR.