This week in Mir (25th May, 2018)

This week I heard from Ivan Semkin, one of the UBports community, that he has Mir working on Arch Linux. I believe this is part of the UBports effort to port Unity8 to other distributions. (Apart from a small update and needing a couple of packages that were not previously in the Arch repositories I gather it “just worked”.)

Meanwhile, I have been editing @greyback’s internal notes on using Wayland on Ubuntu Core into some tutorials. These are currently being reviewed and will, hopefully, be published shortly on

Despite my numerous interruptions, @greyback has been making progress enabling EGLStreams support on Nvidia. However, there are still some issues to resolve. (These also manifest when testing with Weston, so may take a while.)

@raof continues to work through the process of turning his proof-of-concept logind support into something we can ship in the next release.

@sophie-w continues to add tests around our Wayland support, identify corner cases that don’t work and fix them. There will be some major improvements to our Wayland support in the next release. I can hardly wait!


The “Graphical Snap” tutorial review can now be viewed as a “demo”: