This Week in Mir (23rd Mar, 2018)

Mir 0.31.0 release

This week we “signed off”

Mir 0.31.0 is available from the Mir release PPA, and as a snap. For both Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 28 it is in the testing phase before reaching the respective archives.

Mir release PPA

The “Release” PPA remains the recommendation for most purposes and contains the release version of Mir. To use this PPA:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mir-team/release
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install mir-demos mir-graphics-drivers-desktop
$ sudo apt install  qterminal qtwayland5
$ miral-app

To remove this PPA:

$ sudo ppa-purge mir-team/release

mir-kiosk snap

The changes needed to support the “Wayland interface” have landed in both snapd and the mir-kiosk snap. This means that client snaps using Wayland can work with mir-kiosk:

  1. install mir-kiosk
  2. install <client>
  3. “profit”

Thanks to @greyback and @albaguirre for making this happen!

Ubuntu 18.04

The infamous “Mir EGL” Ubuntu distro patch to Mesa has now been dropped. This limits “legacy” Mir applications (using libmirclient) to software rendering (i.e. no EGL) but we planned to drop this support at some point and this is a good time to do it.

In development

@sophie-w and I have continued working on our support for Wayland, fixing bugs and finishing the implementation of some features. Some highlights.

@raof is working on better integration with logind.

@greyback is working on a guide to creating client snaps using the “Wayland interface”.

404 page not found if you click on “Some highlights” link

Blockquote[quote=“pixel, post:2, topic:4792, full:true”]
404 page not found if you click on “Some highlights” link

Oh. I need to be signed into GitHub to see it. @saviq I don’t see any setting to control visibility, do you?

Apparently organization projects are only visible to its members. I’ve configured projects on the mir repository, we’ll have to move them there.

OK, moved to

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