This Week in Mir (23rd Feb, 2018)

The most interesting functional news of the week is the landing of client-driver window movement - among other things this means that you should now be able to move the windows of your Wayland clients around!

Other interesting developments this week include the beginning of William’s attack on the monolithic wayland_connector.cpp behemoth, fixes to prevent the X11 backend from crashing on the NVIDIA drivers, and some miscellaneous cleanups.

In a continuation of news from last week, the Mir 0.30.0(.1!) release process continues! After a bit of a snafu with the 0.30.0 tarballs being produced from the master branch rather than the 0.30.0 tag the release tarballs went up.

In a somewhat unusual occurrance, this release is now available in Fedora but not (yet) Bionic - the version of GCC in bionic-proposed inappropriately warns on Mir code. With this fixed, some tests still fail in the build environment. Investigations are ongoing…


This is great stuff, after seeing the last ubports in desktop mode in action I have hopes it’ll be a worthy successor to Unity 7.

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