This Week in Mir (17th Nov, 2017)

Mir server website

The documentation has been refreshed to match the current state of development. In particular, the instructions now cover building and using Mir on Fedora and references to Launchpad have been replaced with the corresponding GitHub references.


The Mir package for review to be included in Fedora4 and is (experimentally) available in a COPR. (More details…)


We’ve landed a number of improvements to our Wayland support. The most significant of which is to integrate the first Wayland Conformance Test Suite tests into the Mir build. (More on Wayland Conformance Test Suite…)


We’re continuing to migrate our infrastructure to GitHub and Trello. As part of this we’ve deployed bors.

Mir 0.28.2

We’ve started planning another update to Mir 0.28 to incorporate recent bugfixes. Particularly those needed for use on Fedora. This will also give us an opportunity to revise the release process to reflect our new infrastructure.


We’re recruiting for an additional Mir developer. (More details…)