This Week in Mir (13th July, 2018)

Hi all,
This week we’ve signed off Mir v0.32.1, a patch release that includes


  • [libmiral] Launcher for internal Wayland clients. #410
  • [miral-shell] Reinstate the “spinner” when starting miral-shell (re-implementing it in Wayland)

Bugs fixed:

  • [mesa-kms] Select EGLConfig matching our GBM format. #434
  • [Wayland] Don’t send output events that are not supported in the agreed protocol version. #389
  • [Wayland] Ensure resize configuration events are not superseded. #449

As usual, our patch releases have no API or ABI changes. Updated packages will appear next week, but you can give it a try right now with

sudo add-apt-repository --update ppa:mir-team/release
sudo apt upgrade -y

Meanwhile, we’ve continued discussions on Supporting Wayland extensions on Mir servers, and the various use-cases (such as Custom Wayland Protocol Extensions).

Efforts are starting on proper xdg-shell stable support, which will enable advanced features like process being able to embed surfaces in other processes, ideal for desktops where panels want to allow third party applets (in or out of process).

And check out a blog post on how Mir is central to our IoT story:

Thanks all, have a great weekend!