This Week in Mir (10th Nov, 2017)

This week in Mir we have…


Alan continues to wrap up the transition to GitHub, ensuring that the relevant branches and tags are all pushed, and updating the Mir release PPA to build from the new location.

Travis CI and spread are now up and running, and we’re considering mergebot support and commit policy (there’s a strong split opinion between always-rebase and always-add-a-merge-commit. Which side will win! Tune in next week to find out!)


Mir now builds completely on Fedora 27 - including the testsuite, which passes!

The ever-fiddly GoogleTest library has changed its handling again in Rawhide - a merge proposal fixing that should land soon.

Wayland Support

The Wayland Conformance Test Suite lives! A rather aspirational name for now - only two of the tests from the Weston test-suite have been ported, but they have already caught a bug in Mir’s Wayland support!

The framework is mostly set up to make additional tests easy to port (and then add); the largest missing piece of test framework is fake input support; with that, I think most of the Weston tests will be easy to port.

A good weekend to you all!

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Since I was in the minority :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , bors is now deployed on the mir repo.

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