This Week In Mir (10th August, 2018)

Hello, and Welcome To This Week In Mir!

In Mir this week I’ve been tidying up the fallout from the logind support merges (sadly we don’t have good acceptance tests around VT switching and similar areas).

Among other things, @alan_g has been fixing bugs detected by AddressSanitizer builds, then following up by fixing the sanitizer builds and then enabling them in CI. Yay!

@sophie-w has been adding support for the stable xdg-shell protocol in both the wlcs tests and Mir

Outside of Mir coding, @alan_g has been snapping up Egmde as an example of a shell in the Snap store.


Credit for enabling the sanitize builds in CI should go to @saviq.

Hah. Should read the commit messages a little closer :slight_smile: