This isn't right

I went to download a fresh copy of Ubuntu 17.10 from the official website, clicked “No thanks - take me to download” and this happened:

This obviously isn’t good…

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve reported this to our IS people. They hang out on freenode irc in #canonical-sysadmin for reference.

The mirror has been taken out of the loop and the admins have been contacted.

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It appears it could be because it might host other things that are/were detected as malware, and not the Ubuntu image itself. If I override it, it seems to download the ISO correctly.

Still not good to a potential downloader to see that warning.

@popey, This is the x-th time in a short while that download servers have been marked as malware by chrome. Isn’t there a way for Ubuntu to be notified automatically when one of the mirrors gets flagged? Google must have this list somewhere public?