There's an error on Brazillian Portuguese translation

On settings panel there is a setting on Appearance tab. What was supposed to be written in here? “Mostra ligdo” or “Mostra ligado”. I didn’t really understood what is the function of this selector.

P.S.: I don’t know if I was supposed to write in portuguese or english. But I think everyone will understand, especially those who translate the user interface.

Why “Posição no ecrã”? Shouldn’t it be “Posição na tela”? I believe it would be more accurate for a Brazilian Portuguese translation. “Ecrã” seems to be a Portugal Portuguese translation.

The English term is “Appearance”.

That translation has been there since 2007, so it’s unlikely that it’s not correct.

If it’s Portuguese - Portugal it’s “Posição no ecrã”

if it’s Portuguese - Brasil it’s “Posição na tela”

Regarding the “Mostrar Ligdo”, it was suppost to say “Mostrar Ligado”, which is also a weird naming for that label.

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Please file a bug report. That way we can call the translators’ attention to it.

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