The Weather

If a music player and video player “must” be included, I highly recommend G4Music and Celluloid. BTW there is nothing wrong with Videos. Why “must” a weather app be included? Are people so far removed from reality that they have to rely on a weather app to know what is going on with the weather?

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i don’t want to get too off topic, but generally people use weather apps to either

  • see what the weather is forecasted to be like at a later point, or
  • see what the weather is currently like in a different location

There are literally thousands of websites that can provide this information using a simple search.

Or, you could just take a quick glance up at your status bar. Which sounds like less effort?


Indeed. I didn’t even realise that after installing GNOME Weather and setting a location, I now get weather, one click away.



Wow, the weather one click away! I have to turn my head 90 degrees, or do an extreme 5 entire clicks to see the weather of the entire world :upside_down_face: What a schlep :sweat_smile:

Yeah, me too, but it requires windows… :stuck_out_tongue:


Having Linux Mint 20.3 and the weather app to mirror what I have on my phone is a great resource. So too, turning your head to the window may not indicate the critical 15 to 20 minute dangerous weather warning should your phone not be near by.

Here in Portugal we rely on weather apps to know when to wash our clothes. We put wet clothes outside to dry when it doesn’t rain.

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I am being misunderstood. What I am saying is that IMO the Ubuntu Desktop installation should be as minimal as possible. Just the bare necessities. There are literally thousands of Applications and extensions to choose from. After installation everyone can customize, personalize and install to their heart’s content, because that is what everyone is going to do anyway…

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Ubuntu has always been one of the most novice-friendly distributions available. The installation you’re suggesting would imply a novice would know where to find and install the applications he/she needs or wants. That isn’t the case. Booting into a gnome shell for the first time is going to leave a LOT of newcomers wondering: “Okay, what next?” I still remember ages ago when I installed an early version of RedHat (when it was still free) and staring at the screen and thinking: “Okay, it booted. NOW what?”


Your argument does not hold water.

  1. Ubuntu 24.04 has a brand new app store with flatpak support.
  2. Eventually any user is going to want to install other software, especially considering the fact that Ubuntu has dropped games from the Installation media (kudos for that Ubuntu :+1: )
  3. It is as simple as visiting the App Store and exploring / searching for the Apps the user wants / needs.
  4. Even in Windows, users have to visit the store to find software that is not included with Windows, bloated and all…
  5. If a user cannot follow the simple steps above, they need to do an introductory to Computer User Interface course. And there is help built in, and a helpful forum a few clicks away.

You mean snap right?


You can install gnome-software for flatpak support

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This is a common request from intermediate and advanced users. And so the Ubuntu installer for many years has a minimal install option.

Everybody experiences the confusion and anxiety of their first install and boot into mysterious Ubuntu. Nobody is born knowing. The installer defaults are intended for them. Not for us.