The Perfect 20 - Ubuntu 21.08

For those of you that don’t know, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, had a certain release date Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical wanted. It would be released on 10/10/10, or October 10th, 2010 by around 10:10 UTC. This was called the perfect 10, and it worked pretty well.

I have an idea to get the perfect 20, which goes like this:

Ubuntu 20.20 breaks the codename rule, because there is no 20th month. But, if we ignore the 12, you get 8. So it would be released as 20.08, which is Feature Freeze, maybe? on the 20th of August on 2020 at 20:20 UTC which can relate in military time.

However the 12 signifies one year, so it would be 21.08. But as mentioned it is Feature Freeze, and wouldn’t really be worth if we have a release two months later. But it can just be a release of a test build that will be called a release as 20.20 but won’t be actually taken too seriously-just for tradition which will be the release of a test build, like Final Freeze, which is pretty ridiculous to think about it, but for this tradition it makes the most sense.

So we have Ubuntu 20.20, which will be 21.08, released on August 20th, 2021, which in 2020 calendars = 20/20/20/, and it would be released at 20:20 UTC time. (Or 8:20, to be exact) as a release that would not be taken seriously, and would only be available for like a day which can after that be accessed in Q.A. Archive and be called a release with the same name or mix of 21.04 and 21.20 or 20.04 and 20.04 (first name is 20.04 or 21.04 and last name is 21.04 or 20.04, which will probably be 20.04s name with the 20.04 animal). It would be the feature freeze (i think) of 21.10 and would be taken as a once in a lifetime opportunity because 30.30 is probably not going to happen because by then, all distros, maybe even Ubuntu probably would’ve died and one would’ve remained as the default for the world now that Windows is dead and possibly MacOS, and if not it is damn ridiculous.

And I know to people it will seem like “annoying”, “dumb”, “nonsense”, and probably “a major confusion in the community” that “makes Ubuntu seem like little kids trying to have fun”.

This is an idea, that should be thought of action now because again, Ubuntu might be gone by 30.30 (or 32.06, jesus), so it is something that should be done for fun, and if Ubuntu remains forever for some insane lucky reason, we do it is annual tradition.

Okay, so that was my long shpeel on what the Perfect 20 is, why we should do it and the issues it could possibly cause to the community. For now, we need community input-if everyone approves of this idea, or most people it might become a thing, which will be a lot of fun-kind of like Pi Day-a tradition of silliness, but not in a stupid way, just for history, and times sake.

So let me know what you guys think of this.

It is quite nice to see your enthusiasm!

Yes, but as mentioned I kind of act like a five year old with a silly and stupid idea (kind of) for everything that makes us seem a ilttle immature.

But it is a great and fun idea, so if we could have everyone agree it could happen.

That’s the same way we felt those days. Now, it is waning, so I am happy for the enthusiasm of the youngsters. :slight_smile:

This is enthusiasm, by the way. Testing and testing and testing!

That linked me to an English Russian form.

I’m going to slightly rename this so this gets a bit more attention.

Not exactly English Russian, you get all kinds of languages there. No one says talk English there. That community is 500K+. And, lots of enthusiasm!

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I think you’re missing an even bigger opportunity here…

Ubuntu 20.02, a release to celebrate the end of Python 2.x. Hear me out…

  • It looks like Mark’s face when he hears about this amazing release number opportunity.
  • It’s released 2020-02-20 (ISO 8601)
  • 20.02 will be the first Ubuntu release since Python 2.x is unsupported, closing the era of non-UTF-8-compatible Python scripts everywhere.
  • Its ASCII release name is Pesky Pisces, since 20/02 is the first day of the astrology sign Pisces. But…
  • Its actual name is . This is the UTF-8 symbol for “Pisces” and it’s Pesky since some stuff will probably break when this is the release name.
  • We can create celebratory glasses where the two 0’s are the eyeholes. Remember every new year from 2000 to 2009? Those were the days…

Ubuntu 20.02 :pisces:, to celebrate the death of non-UTF-8-compatible Python.

I rest my case.


That is actually great observation, but now the fight is weather it makes sense for 20.20.20 which has the 02 in it, because either way, its either 20.02, 20.08, 21.02, or 21.08. 21.02 or 21.08, is now what it comes down to. But for the sake of how the name of the release would be, yes 20.02 would make the most sense.

Perfect 10 = 10.10.10

Perfect 20 = 20.20.20

Perfect 20 = (12 + 8).20.20

But your thinking for a name for this special unofficial traditional release, Pesky Piesces is pretty nice.

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Just thinking, how would it be interpreted in QA?