The page on printer color calibration seems incomplete

This page: is incomplete:
Printer calibration companies need you to print their color calibration sheets with a utility that does not go through the installed profiles. But they also tell you that even then, you need to print out the sheets from the same operation system where you want to use the ICC profile that they will create for you. They ask you to use “Adobe Color Printer Utility”. But that utility does only exist under Windows and MacOS. So how do you print the calibration sheets under Ubuntu?
Secondly the page does not tell you how to install and use the ICC profile you receive from the calibration service.
Thank you.

  1. A printer calibration service ( told me to use GIMP to print the color calibration sheet as follows:

After installing GIMP and opening the color calibration image file from the company with GIMP, you press Ctrl+P, you choose the printer, paper type etc., then go to the “Advanced”-tab.

Choose the color precision and print quality

Choose next to “Color Correction”: the option RAW, now there will be no color correction.

Save these settings as default settings.

Now print.

  1. The following is for Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS:
    I haven’t tried yet, but it seems possible to install the ICC profile you receive from the calibration service in Ubuntu Settings -> Color. Get there by pressing the ‘Windows’-key, then type ‘calibrate’ and .

Same here. Well, shall report to the dev team.

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