The need to have back

Hi there,

When our clients were looking for new software, we could just point them to and the would easily understand how to install it using the apt: link .

Nowadays redirects to the which I can understand.

Giving direct apt:/ links in support emails or tchat is not really and option

Could we discuss this ? or maybe we need a new app:// protocol ( that could be implemented by non snap/apt distro ) that would be launched from a distro agnostic web app store ?

Why not? We use those in the desktop guide, and it works well due to apturl.

As an example, see this page with an apt: link button for installing sushi. has never been distro agnostic while offers actual distro agnostic packages …

if you go to an app page like: the install button will offer you a one-click way to install it on ubuntu systems via the graphical app store and a manual way for all other distros.

if you scroll down to the very bottom of any app page in the snapcraft store you get to instructions how to enable snap support on any supported distro. while an app:// or snap:// protocol would indeed be great to allow one-click installs everywhere, snap support isnt available everywhere by default (like apt support isnt on i.e. fedora, opensuse or slackware) so you will always need to jump though some hoops here … i doubt there is a way around … but i thnk the current setup of the snap store makes this as easy as possible.

Thanks , I mean that this might fail sometimes in the email client side , integrated in a web page works usually great thanks to xdg-open

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