The(ese) week(s) in Mir (4th May, 2018)

Alan’s got a day off today, so I get to write this week’s TWIM after forgetting to organise someone else to write last week’s when I was off :wink:

Again, most of the interesting stuff is happening on the Wayland support. William fixed a bug in surface frame events, support for input regions, and (finally) subsurface input, the combined effect of which is that GTK apps work much better now - window resize, tooltips, all the mod cons!

Excitingly for me, Alan and William have both started poking at wlcs, writing some tests and finding and fixing some the sharp edges and missing walls of my code. Alan’s been starting tests for Copy/Paste support, which might give some hint as to what he’s up to!

Also excitingly, @mariogrip of the Ubports project has submitted a first cut of Xwayland support!

See you, space cowboy!