The community council over the next 12 months

This was a question that I asked on the Ubuntu Community Office Hours with CC member Thomas Ward. Thomas suggested that I post it here (actually I think the list was suggested but this place is public :slightly_smiling_face:) to get the views of the rest of the council.

The question is - what are your plans for the CC over the next year (or more if you like)? Now that the council is up and running again, I’d love to see where you think areas of focus in the community are for you all.


Hi, Ian,

Long time no chat! Glad to see you around still.

What I’m going to provide here is a personal perspective on where I think we’re going, and some of the work that we’ve been doing in the last few months.

As the CC got formed once again, we started working on identifying the areas where the community needed the most support. This included conversations with Mark on the direction of some of the work we would be doing. A big part of this was assessing the current councils structure, seeing where councils needed help, and ensuring that those were still in place. We also assessed whether councils still served their original purpose, and looked for input from the community on how we could better address the needs that they were intending to serve. I also worked on assisting the IRC Council on their move to Libera Chat. All of this, while still being the point for any conflict resolution that could arise - and we’ve had a couple that were discussed internally.

As for the future, work in that area continues. I want to continue discussions on ensuring that leadership in Ubuntu is accessible for anyone who wants to continue leading, that leaders have the ability to conduct productive discussions and lead effectively in their respective teams, and that everyone has the right tools and resources to do what they need to drive Ubuntu forward. We closely work with the Canonical Community Team, and I’ve had a few meetings to help them move forward with the work they’ve done, as well as them pointing out some things that we need to work on. As for specific, particular plans, I can’t outline anything super concrete at the moment because, as I’ve noticed in the last 12 months, plans continue to change and priorities get overridden as other, more critical things, rise to the top.

However, I would like for you, or anyone that has any suggestions for us, to feel free to reach out to us here or on our mailing list. I feel like, even though recently many of us have been super busy with work and real life (which we still balance as well), we are still pretty responsive and will address things with the speed it requires.

Let me know if this helps!