The address for daily build downloads is a http address

Could the daily build download address be changed to https://
Download links for Ubuntu Desktop amd64 The actual link to download the cd image is http:// link.
Also when we log our testing results after QA Testing the link goes from https:// - address to a http:// - address.
The links work good. If I download using Firefox ESR instead of the current installed Firefox 95.0 which the download fails with https settings only. Could we have all https:// links this would be preferred.
At the bottom of the download page:
“© 2011-2016 Canonical Ltd.
Could this be updated for the current date(s)

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You should file a bug to report this problem.

One possibly related issue is bug #1868413.


Thank You I will file a bug report. I had thought about it.
The bug report you posted. This is more as a wishlist bug report.
bug 1954654

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Thank You for the Edit on the title name. Much appreciated.