The 2024.07.08 SRU Cycle started

cycle: 08-Jul through 04-Aug (4 weeks)

         03-Jul   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
08-Jul - 02-Aug   Kernel prep and testing weeks
 Week of 05-Aug   Release to -updates.

Kernel Versions (projected)

    linux							6.8.0-40.40
    linux-lowlatency				6.8.0-40.40.1
    EOL                  			No more SRU updates
    linux							5.15.0-118.128
    linux-lowlatency				5.15.0-118.128
    linux-hwe-6.8(*)				6.8.0-40.40~22.04.1
    linux-lowlatency-hwe-6.8(*)		6.8.0-40.40.1~22.04.1
    linux							5.4.0-192.212
    linux-hwe-5.15					5.15.0-118.128~20.04.1
    linux-lowlatency-hwe-5.15		5.15.0-118.128~20.04.1

(*) The 22.04/Jammy HWE kernel rolls with this SRU cycle from 6.5 to 6.8
in preparation of the 22.04.5 point release.

cycle: 05-Aug through 18 Aug (4 weeks)

         31-Jul   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
05-Aug - 16-Aug   Kernel prep and testing weeks.
 Week of 19-Aug   Release to -updates.

For more up-to-date schedule data, please check the online version at