Thank You to the Ubuntu Desktop team & Design team

I just want to say thank you to all the members on the Ubuntu Desktop team for all the time and overtime you guys put into fixing and polishing the Ubuntu 20.04 release. Great work by Maritin @wimpress and the Ubuntu team. Also thanks to the Design team including @frederik-f for all the time that was put into polishing the Yaru theme. @popey thank you for the YouTube videos you created on Ubuntu 20.04. Lastly, thank you all the great people in this Ubuntu community for all the Testing and bug reporting everyone helped with.


I’ve to say that I first resisted some aspects of the new design, I found it a bit too radical as many times before I’ve felt regarding Ubuntu design, but it won me over after a couple of hours, it looks great and polished, Yaru is not only Ubuntu’s theme but one of the best available GTK/GNOME themes.


Agreed, only one thing bugs me - the icon for the file mangler. It’s back to that silly file icon again, instead of the Gnome filing cabinet. I keep clicking on the file icon intuitively to create a new folder. I thought that file icons were to stick to the upstream version as a design decision as much as possible?

Well, I made Frederik somewhat angry about that :smile: so I’m not going to insist ( Nevertheless, the icon is slowly growing on me.

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20.04 is stellar design-wise i would say. My only gripe is with the store and the way snaps are integrated now. I understand that developers wanted to make snap the default (it is a great idea anyway) but the tactics in the software center make it a real mess. You have double of everything, you do not have icons on the repo software so:

  1. its confusing
  2. It gives the idea that somtheing is broken (especially when there is no snap package and only the repo one)
  3. A user can see an application as not installed (since its a snap) if the repo one is.

They should not be breaking clarity of info towards the user (especially for the new user that might have no idea about the difference between snaps or normal packages). This made the software center less clean and less friendly to use just to push a new tech. It a big no-no for a mainstream desktop distro imo. It should have been done more elegantly.

Really? Last cycle when it was used in a FC, I mentioned it to him on Twitter and he was pretty polite and quick to change it back! :slight_smile:
It was decided at one time (IIRC just b4 19.10 release) that upstream iconic icons, shouldn’t be customized by downstream (Ubuntu): (ie) Firefox, and LibreOffice. Surely Nautilus falls into the same category.
Ah well whatever floats their boat, I’ll use the Gnome default for my icons.