Thank you for Multipass!

I’ve been on Ubuntu for many years and have been forced to move to MacBook and MacOS because of iOS development. Insanely enough because I got into Flutter after you guys adopted it. And that’s pretty much the only thing MacOS is good for because they literally prevent developers from building for iOS from any other platform.
Multipass has been my savior in this dire situation! I can’t thank you enough, it’s almost like having a native installation of Ubuntu. It is amazing and I hope the work on this continues and it gets more integration features like io ports mapping etc.

On MacOS currently I can’t format drives as anything except a few filesystems that they support, also it’s hard to prepare SD cards for Raspberry Pi and other such devices. If multipass could solve that issue it would be amazing.


Hi @KristijanZic,

Thanks for the great words and feedback. We are very active in developing Multipass with the team growing this year.

Regarding passing through various devices, etc., I would like to see that happen, but we have to be very deliberate on how such features affect our UX. We strive for simplicity, so our user interfaces cannot be impacted too greatly by introducing complexity in features. That said, it’s not something we aren’t considering in the future.

Thanks again!


You’re very welcome! It’s an unbelievable tool you’re making. Short of being able to run full desktop apps trough something like WayPipe and some host-side renderer I think there is nothing else to add to it except i/o pass-through.

Thanks a lot again!