Thank you Daniel

This is a Thank you message to @vanvugt, I have been using Gnome Shell for a year on especially very power computers and the animations have always been jerky, many people don’t realize that because… well their brains are not trained to know the difference.

With the recent update to Gnome Shell and Mutter on Jammy, everything is super smooth, the minimize animations, Activities screen animations. This makes the Ubuntu experience really great.

Daniel, your patience and persistence over the years have made Gnome Shell a pleasant experience. btw, you are a “tag” on Phoronix these days :wink:

And thank you Canonical for empowering Daniel.


Thank you Daniel! @vanvugt


Yeah all the good new stuff came out of -proposed now, nice!


Even if time differences mean Daniel and I don’t get to interact much, he is an amazing member of the desktop team. Thank you so much for recognizing the all the work behind those pleasant experiences with Gnome Shell, and thank you for such a thoughtful shoutout to Daniel!


@om26er, I’m glad you enjoy it. Getting triple buffering working throughout mutter/gnome-shell 42 was a 19-month effort. And that’s not counting the additional time it will yet take to get accepted upstream.

Also, I hope to work with you again @om26er