Testing Unity session on Ubuntu 21.10


I have uploaded new unity-settings-daemon and unity-control-center in the maintainers ppa which fixed the issue of crashing u-s-d due to missing/dropped gsettings background schema. It will also pull new version of gsettings-ubuntu-schema. You can help testing by installing those packages from the ppa until they land on universe.

Changing wallpaper now works as expected. In the absense of nemo-desktop u-s-d changes the wallpaper both in desktop and lockscreen.

Control center now correctly reflects Ubuntu version… I will update greeter version later in another merge.

Update: u-s-d and u-c-c has already been landed (Thanks to @seb128 ). The ppa is no longer needed.


I have uploaded Yaru-Unity7 to the maintainers PPA and all the changes in Yaru-Unity7 are being upstreamed to Yaru.

Here’s a screenshot of Yaru-Unity7 on Ubuntu Unity:


Hi, continuing from chat, Unity not working any more with nautilus 3.26…it is now pulling nautilus 3.38. Why is that? We still provide nautilus 3.26 for unity remix. You said unity using org.gnome.nautilus.filemanager2…but it seems nemo is also affected…can you provide patch for that ?

Unity now requires Nautilus >= 3.38. And yes it is now using org.gnome.nautilus.filemanager2 as the old patches for nautilus were dropped. I am not sure if it is possible to support both version of nautilus. You need to ask @3v1n0

Didn’t get you…Why would nemo use org.gnome.nautilus.filemanager2?

@khurshid-alam it’s potentially possible to support also the old API, but would probably need to make the GNOME filemanager class to be a bit more complex.

I guess it’s possible though, by checking the available names in the bus.

We needed to update the support for the new API as we wanted to remove some patches in nautilus, but keeping the compatibility with unity.

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I use gnome on my work PC, but I don’t like gnome or mautilus.
keep working on unity
it was good for debian, to choose to have an OS with Unity

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@khurshid-alam Can you check tweak-tool, it not run on my system

$ unity-tweak-tool

(unity-tweak-tool:20555): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 11:27:27.932: Settings schema ‘org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings’ does not contain a key named ‘antialiasing’
Ловушка трассировки/останова (стек памяти сброшен на диск)

Nautilus shows double header bars.

Unfortunately its not just Nautilus that has buttons in the toolbar but all GTK4 apps.

So far I have found this in:

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I have 21yrs experience in software
development(Software Architect) and can learn fairly quickly.

I have been using Unity from very early on (v2 maybe?) and thank everyone that has kept
it going in perpetuity and would like to give back to the community as well as learn more
about the unity desktop internals and how it works.

Brett “WolfMan” Bogert

Unity was born in a pre-headerbar age, when GNOME was a sane DE :slight_smile:. I think we should consider to rebase unity on MATE apps or on Mint X-apps instead of GNOME.


There is an old bug still present in Ubuntu Unity 21.10 beta build: Bug #1893439 Adjusting the ‘Pointer speed’ mouse setting in Unity has no effect.

It’s easily reproducible and very annoying. Since I’m not familiar with GitLab, could someone please confirm it and open an issue over there?

Thank you.

Thanks. You can join Unity7 Maintainers Team on launchpad (will be approved by me). We could definately use some help.

And regarding double headerbar, Unity and gtk-nocsd module doesn’t support gtk-4. We already using some mate apps in Unity Remix. Debian contains unmaintained version of gtk-nocsd, you can use more maintained version from here (https://github.com/ZaWertun/gtk3-nocsd), compile yourself and report here the changes you noticed.


Progress so far with github version of gtk3-nocsd:

So I compiled the code and tested it using the command line and the
entries into the .bashrc file. Seems to work ok from the command line
but not from the launcher. This makes sense since the only bash has the
exports for the environment variables set. I copied the gtk3-nocsd.so.1
lib file to /usr/lib to make it easier to reference in the .bashrc file.

I also grabbed the deb file from debian’s repository as well to play with
but it provides an executable instead of a lib. I was able to get it to
install by changing the version in the DEBIAN/control file to a version
newer than the installed version so it would install(gdebi is not working
at the moment and the original deb naming was showing up as an
older version so it would not install). I was able to get it installed but
was not able to get it working for some reason.

So in short the compiled lib file seems to work ok but I could not get
the debian deb to work for some reason. I have put the original deb
back in after purging the debian deb version. I will probably try it again
tomorrow and see if I have better luck.

Let me know what you want me to do next.
Oh yeah thanks for the addition to the team.

Brett “WolfMan” Bogert

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Check my session detection patch for gtk-nocsd here…You can apply same debian structure and patch for new gtk-nocsd.

And maybe submit some sceenshot with new nocsd for gnome-apps.

Unity remix team maintained old and patched versions of apps with new fixes mainly for LTS releases You can try those.

  1. Nautilus 3.26 with interactive search and desktop functionality + gksu (ppa)
  2. Gnome-screenshot patched without headerbar
  3. Gedit, file-roller,rhythmbox, gnome-system-monitor etc with horizontal menubar patch & other unity related patches.

I can upload the rest to ppa.


Today’s progress so far:

  • checked for the patch and it appears to already be in the “51gtk3-nocsd-detect” file
    for gtk3-nocsd_3-1ubuntu1.
    -made new deb using compiled libgtk3-nocsd code and applied/tested it and it works
    but with an error msg.
    -Error message is as follows in terminal:
    ERROR: ld.so: object ‘libgtk3-nocsd.so.0’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.
  • got screenshot of new libgtk3-nocsd:

    -made new deb for new gtk-nocsd wrapper that was created by the make and tested. Results were no
    gtk3-nocsd functionality and gtk3/4 apps only decorated with csd and no unity decoration.
    -ran meld on new lib .c code and old .c code(lots of changes).
    -ran shellcheck on the new gtk3-nocsd wrapper code and made minor changes and tested them
    (no real change to the outcome e.g. gtk3/4 apps were only decorated with CSD not unity).

So in short the new gtk3-nocsd functionality seems to work we just need to figure out why we
are getting the LD_PRELOAD error and we should be good.

Possible things to do next:
-instrument the wrapper with output statements(echo, print or whatever) to see if we can
determine where we are going wrong.
-pull v4 of the new code (unreleased) to see if anything in there may fix the error we are seeing
and be needed.
-run splint on newly generated .o file(not sure we can do this without a debug build) to see if
it finds any problems with the new .c code.

It looks to me like if we can get this thing working we may not have to address individual apps
with unity related patches as the new code seems to pretty much cover them all as well as is
fixing a decoration/scrollbar problem that I have been seeing with GTK4 apps since 21.04(I
thought that it was a theme problem but no it’s a decoration problem).

Let me know if I am missing something(another patch maybe?) and I will continue trying to
get to the bottom of the error.

Brett “WolfMan” Bogert

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Oops… Almost forgot… if anyone wants a copy of the .deb file with the new code
to play with or for testing purposes let me know and I will put it in my dropbox and
provide a link.

Brett “WolfMan” Bogert

Could you send the output of echo $LD_PRELOAD? Guess you added an additional invalid file to $LD_PRELOAD.

Is it just me or does the disk image really take a long time to boot up?

Which disk image are you talking about?