Testing Ubuntu 19.10 (default Ubuntu, somewhat different)

Moved my Ubuntu system to 19.10. Doesn’t have Nautilus. The desktop is run by Nemo and the default file manager is also Nemo.

Doesn’t have Ubuntu on wayland, btw.

I installed Ubuntu 19.10 from here * and have none of the problems you describe. Nautilus is still the default file manager, and I do have “Ubuntu on Wayland”.

For your Nemo issue, please open a bug by running:

ubuntu-bug nemo

And if “Ubuntu on Wayland” is missing for you then that’s a mutter bug. So please run this command to report that bug:

ubuntu-bug mutter

* Though at the time, it was daily image version 20190501.

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The only ones I know that use Nemo by default are Unity (for desktop) and Ubuntu Budgie

Unless default Ubuntu is planning on switching to Nemo? That’d be a good move, IMO.

Unless I misunderstood you, and you set up Ubuntu with Nemo?

I didn’t say I have any problems.
This is conscious decision not to have Nautilus. And, also for the moment not to have Wayland. I have no bugs with Nemo. I can always reactivate Wayland, but if and when Wayland would be mature enough to replace X.


Yes, I have set up Ubuntu to work with Nemo 4.06, sometime in December 2018. That was done after I’ve been testing Unity with Nemo. I also wanted to know, if this default Ubuntu would work without the new Nautilus. It works. The idea is to keep on testing this Ubuntu until 20.04 LTS.

(I don’t like apps that take away features, so the dislike to new Nautilus. I believe people should learn from the File Explorer, the oldest one, always adding features.)

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Which PPA has the latest Nemo?

Or from the Linux Mint packages

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I got the daily build and installed it in a VM and applied the latest updates and mine still use Nautilus. I even have dev options checked to make sure to get the latest for testing purpose.

I think you are pretty much the only Ubuntu user who celebrates the existence of Nemo.
Why don’t you just switch to Linux mint and stop these confusing threads?

No, I am not. Ubuntu Budgie also have Nemo as the default.

Why should I? I’ve been with Ubuntu since 4.10, so know how it evolved. Nemo is a fork of old Nautilus, just as Caja with Ubuntu Mate. You know, I thought the “why don’t you switch” attitude had long gone, but appears to be still with new Ubuntu users.

Yes but you seem to be pretty unhappy with the default Ubuntu installation.
Many people around in the net really celebrated the 19.4 release and are pretty happy with the desktop as a whole.
So, since there are some very actively developed DEs with a more conservative approach to desktops and file managers, I would recommend to use those: Linux mint with cinnamon, lubuntu with the new Qt desktop or why not xubuntu with xfce and thunar?
I don’t think anything productive comes out of these “look how I customized my Ubuntu with Nemo, extension xyz and random themes” threads. Everyone leaves confused and it’s pretty much just chatting about DEs

Well, I think you are a new Ubuntu user.

I have all those, plus Debian Sid. One of those too, heavily tweaked.

In time…April 2020

I’m closing this thread. It’s getting off topic and confusing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing pictures of your customised desktop, it’s fun, but I’d like it to be clear that you’ve made customisations and what you’re showing is a personalised desktop.