Testing (default) Ubuntu 19.04

If Firefox is the default web browser in Ubuntu, something should be done with the thick top panel, either to integrate it with Gnome-shell’s top panel as in Unity or get rid of it as done for Firefox in Windows.

Firefox in Unity

Firefox in Windows

And, Firefox in default Ubuntu

Firefox’s thick top panel might not be a problem, if you are using massive monitors, but with 768px (height) laptops, that’s wasted space, just carrying “Mozilla Firefox.”


Since Firefox 57, you can remove the title bar easily.

Go to ‘Customize’, then in the bottom left corner untick the box.

This is what Firefox 64 looks like on my Ubuntu 18.10:


True, it can be done since a long time. But, I think, it should be unticked by default, if Windows can do it…
And, in Unity that box has no value, ticked or unticked, Firefox is integrated into the DE.

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You can use firefox-esr with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/ppa

configure with css style

I suggested the same for Cosmic and got no reaction.

I’ve been reading these weekly updates and thought I might as well test this Ubuntu default (from 17.10) a bit. It is easy to test it, because I never cared for the gnome-shell and the way gnome is going these days, with all kinds of restrictions to users, so no emotions are involved. Some thoughts are here. I thought, once a “testing” thread is open, some users might chime in. It seems that there aren’t many to do so.

There are problems with this newer Nautilus, the standard one that comes with 19.04; if you search a folder, then want to open it, it get stuck. I am using Nemo and MC anyway, so not much of a problem for me. No one wants a featureless file manager, yes, especially a file manager. Just imagine Windows doing the same thing with its File Explorer!

I don’t think this thread will achieve what you would like. This kind of thread is not really useful to developers and most developers don’t even read them.

  • If you want the Firefox default to change, it’s best to create a bug report.
  • If you want the issue with nautilus to be fixed, create a bug report.

If you don’t know how to create good bug reports, you can ask for help here.

Think about what you actually want to achieve with this thread and how you could achieve it.


Ubuntu developers or Gnome developers?

Neither of those I guess

It is interesting to report that I don’t have Nautilus and most of nautilus related apps in my default Ubuntu 19.04 installation for quite some time. Even though most of the apps have Nautilus as a dependency, they still work without it. It sort of tells a story about this dependency matter, somewhat artificial.

It is running ubuntu-session, and with an interesting batch of non-default apps, such as Slick-greeter, Nemo-4.06, Tilix, Geany. It doesn’t run the 2 default extensions, which were taken over by Dash to Panel extension.

And with extra options.

when my laptop display open and close then sensor light doesn’t work. please fix it as soon as possible.

You probably know that you will have to file a bug on Launchpad with details about your hardware rig and steps to reproduce that problem to get problems sorted?

Just letting us know that something doesn’t work on a random machine somewhere in the world isn’t helpful at all…

19.04 is now released, so we’ll be testing Eoan 19.10.
For all kinds of problems with 19.04, go here.