[Test thread] Beta Freeze and Hardware Enablement Freeze


Per the release schedule: Noble Numbat Release Schedule

For the record, I just wanted to see what this would look like on the events calendar. Anyone from the Release Team is welcome to modify this post as they wish.


For the record, you got it a day early (supposed to be Monday, April 1). Best to use 12:00 UTC. Or… Idk, timezones are hard.


I’m sure he did UTC. The time is displayed based on your selected timezone at discourse.u.c/your-username/preferences/profile. Also, if you click on the timestamp, it will show you it in your timezone, UTC, and apparently Paris of all things.

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Simon lives in UTC even though he’s not there physically.


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Would be nice if we had a specific time that freezes were declared :slight_smile:

You’ll remember with Feature Freeze that we called it midnight UTC

You’ll remember that Feature Freeze happened that day at 23:59 UTC which happens to coincide with EOD US Pacific time (around 16:59 UTC or 17:59 UTC depending on what time of year).

Besides, @vorlon is on record as saying for Feature Freeze that he considers the freeze to go into effect at midnight in whatever time zone you live in. Therefore, if you happen to live on Baker Island, you could theoretically still upload features nearly as late as Noon London time the next day.

However, Feature Freeze is a soft freeze, but Beta Freeze is a hard freeze, so nothing enters without review, so it’s much less ambiguous.

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Does that mean Beta Freeze will be at midnight Baker Island Time? :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t mean it will be, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t.

Since we’re getting pedantic, I’ll point out that that this…

…suggests that Kiritimati would have to upload 13 hours before their midnight.

On the other hand, this…

…suggests Baker Island has another 26 hours after their midnight.

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Meh, I just upload. :pinched_fingers:

Right, @tsimonq2 ?

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