Test daily/current ubuntu-unity-amd64.iso

Hi All,

Anyone wishing to download and test ubuntu-unity-amd64.iso (from daily/current Boinic Nov.11/2017) can do so at this link: http://people.ubuntu.com/~twocamels/?_ga=2.149497846.1161564998.1510407443-1546152944.1510407443 It is currently a remix which I had obtained permission to distribute.
edit:Actually this has been straightened out now.

Thank you and kind regards…


Thanks for posting this. Might be wise to put a README.md in there. Detail the version number / build date, because it’s not obvious what that ISO is for anyone stumbling on the thread.

Perhaps create an index.html which is based on the ones you get in the releases directories, so it looks consistent?

Looking good!


Works quite well.
Maybe, its better to have Ubuntu Software Center, rather than Gnome-Software, if available.

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https:// is also activated. Better giving the secure layer ?


I’m downloading as we speak. I will first test this ISO on a VM and reporting back any critical bugs (if any).

I don’t think so. Ubuntu Software Center isn’t going to receive anywhere near as much love as GNOME Software. Also, Ubuntu Software center lacks features GNOME Software has.

If it is going to be Unity, then the Software Centr should be something (Unity) Ubuntu. I personally prefer Synaptic to both.

No critical bugs. The installation completed without problems.
Some minor problems:

  1. The icons in ubiquity are corrupted
  2. Removing the media and hitting Enter did nothing. But this could be because of VM.

Thanks popey. sounds only logical. I will do that.


You maybe able to uninstall gnome-setting-daemon, but when you try to uninstall gnome-settings-daemon-schemas, you 'd be asked to use autoremove and remove lot of unity specific packages. So, these packages have to be specifically reinstalled. That is, apt won’t be able to uninstall them (specifically installed) in an upgrade.

This means, in the future, you may have to create a meta package, something like unity-session, which would pull in all the needed packages to run Ubuntu-Unity, the minimum system with Nautilus and System settings. The rest are additional applications, such as Libreoffice, Evince or even Calculator. Of course, they can also be incorporated in the meta package.

Now, that the live iso is working, it is time to start from the mini iso (netinstall) to find out what packages are specifically needed to create the Unity only Ubuntu. Actually, the last Unity only Ubuntu 17.04 iso would show what packages are needed. The ubuntu-desktop (meta-package) in that distro most probably has the needed info. It is still available until January 2018. The netboot can be found here, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/zesty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/

Too many of the file names have changed since then to do it that way , at least during this cycle. I’ll have to look at this along with the rest of the suggestions.

I agree with this during this cycle. If persons want to change that later they could. But I think we should see the benefit of the developments that are going on in the flagship DE and utilize these in unity7. If we do not take this route then our testing would be isolated and I don’t think that is a good idea. We will just have to watch how the cycle progresses.


But you’d find out what was/is the ubuntu-desktop meta package. The DEs differ, but the base is the same for all.

The whole point of gnome-settings-daemon-schemas is to have gsettings schemas that are used by both unity-settings-daemon and gnome-settings-daemon so don’t try to remove the schemas package.


I uninstalled gnome-settings-daemon first, just to see what’d happen. It didn’t ask me to autoremove. Then uninstalled gnome-settings-daemon-schemas. It asked me to autoremove a lot of packages, so I reinstalled those packages as manually installed. With them, gnome-settings-daemon-schemas also got installed back.

The thing is, there should be a meta-package for ubuntu-unity, just as it was for ubuntu-gnome, so the guys can look after the packages, rather than keep on remastering a downloaded iso.

The Cubic app makes it very convenient and tidy. The unity-session packages are still being looked after. Everything being committed upstream ends up on the install. You can also update/upgrade right from within Cubic so I only have to download .ISOs at points and keep a log of those things I do throughout the development cycle.

Agreed that the Cubic app is done very nicely. It also means anyone can create the iso, anyway they want.

The only difference would be that you have some sort of a license, while they don’t have it. But, not having a license won’t stop people from forking any distro. What I am trying to say is, that if this ubuntu-unity-amd64.iso is to finally make the official flavour, it should be built from a meta package.

The other matter; I think there is no download counter at people.ubuntu .com, so you’d not know how many really downloaded the iso and tried it.

As it stands now , anyone CAN create their own remix with several different apps. If they are Ubuntu Members and have a License to Distribute they can. Even if they don’t they can create their own off market spin. I have no control over that and is beyond the scope of this discussion… and …

I’m not really worried about the DL counter atm although I do appreciate your comment - however- as Will had posted in the other thread, that Martin Wimpress is on board as advisor/helper (and others also) so I am awaiting directions as to which way to proceed in the most efficient and economical manner. I totally understand what you are saying about meta-pkg but I am not trying to block any current gnome components, just mainly gdm3, ubuntu- desktop and gnome-shell. I would like to leave xwayland in there also for now. If persons want to install ubuntu-desktop then can.

edit: So . yes … there are several others who maintained unity-session in the last cycles so I don’t want to have any collisions, not step on any toes so I think it is wise to just be patient for now.


Glad to hear!
He had gone through the motions and created a top class derivative.

Don’t worry about me. I did that, because I felt Unity was becoming an underdog. Just take your time and bring out a high quality distro!:grinning:

Unity session should recommend notify-osd. Or it can be done in ubuntu-unity-desktop meta package as @chanath suggested.

Source: ubuntu-unity-meta
Binary: ubuntu-unity-desktop

It should me similar to ubuntu-gnome-meta.
The main contents will be (+ some modifications):

  1. desktop-amd64: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25960104/
  2. desktop-recommends-amd64: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25960105/

Although I don’t know where to open a merge request for that. For gnome-meta it happens on

So I guess we need to open a branch on https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-seeds. But I don’t have access to that branch. @dale-f-beaudoin could you look into this?