Technical Board Meeting

Well, forget about the questions I asked here, I read through the transcript. I understand the advice too. The question is not how/whether we can make a remix, but if we can maintain Unity 7 packages, especially Compiz. No one is there at Cannonical, who is doing any work on Unity 7 now. (It was paid job earlier.) Compiz creators had left a long time ago. I can’t code, so of no help here. If you, Khurshid can get some people (enthusiasts), who knows coding well to look after the Unity 7 packages, then it might live.

Look at TB log. I offered a 4 hour spread a day, 5 days a week (all for free). I asked for some extra tutoring with launchpad so I can ping through all the mouse-traps. Nobody is lining up bright eyed and bushy tailed to start hacking compiz code :sunglasses: but we are working on the wiki for now. It is Holy month of Advent Maybe in mid January we may have a better idea of how to go forward with the unity stack and more manpower. There is going to be a lot of off loading resources onto gnome3 stack … so be ready for anything.


I read it. I know you offered 4 hrs, 5 days. You know coding, even if you don’t know C++ or whatever. It is not a paid job any more to maintain Unity 7, so not much help. (If most would start installing vanilla-gnome, it’d be the same later with the present default. I wouldn’t use dash2dock in whatever name at all.) Why not have a chat with mc4man? He is not here, I believe.

already asked him. asked hannibal too.

I can read and understand that code. I took Turing programming language (compiler) long ago on Vax UNIX and ASICC and BASIC.


I think you should make your own website.


I did , actually .

Like this, Its interesting why people still want to make distros based on Xfce4 and Ubuntu base, when Xubuntu is there…

And, Unity 7 is not there…

Or one like this,


I built this site. The ones you cite are paid weebly sites.

All original photography are created by your’s truly.

I like the wiki sites because they are straight forward. People will float on the more ambiance enhanced sites. It’s a preference thing.

hey … now we are way off topic …!